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As I stated in my last Lush review, I am not a huge fan of cream based makeup. However, on that same trip to Lush, they had also talked me into trying (and then buying) Feeling Younger. Now I am not an easy, push over, eager to spend client that buys whatever the sales person tells me. Actually, quite the opposite. They REALLY have to work for a sale with me.

Getting off track there, so back to the review. I was on the fence about this one, it was nice in the store lighting. Made my under eye circles almost disappear, brightened my face. Overall did what it said it would. However, I was not wow-ed with it. It was nice and I could layer it above the Charisma (see here for review on that) on the days that I didn’t want a full face of make up. So I went with it.

When I went outside, in natural lighting, it was amazing. Not to shimmery to make me look weird, but enough to actually make me look younger. It was a great highlighter, and even made my little lines (no wrinkles, lets get that straight. There are NO wrinkles) vanish. My husband even commented on how great I looked. To me that says it is a keeper.


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