• Naked Basics… Are You Naked?

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    While I admit I was not a huge fan of Naked 2, I have loved Naked Basics for many years. (Thanks sis for getting me hooked on this) Yes most of you guys have heard of, read about, tested and bought this mighty little pallet already. It is a staple in many people’s daily makeup bag. So, even though I am a little late to the party, I thought that I would talk about this for those of you who might be on the fence about trying it. (And if you have tried it and use it please comment to tell me what you think about it.)

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    It is a very small pallet at only six colors. Starting on the far left side you have:

    • Venus- Is a shimmery white. Perfect for inner corner and highlight under brow.
    • Foxy- Is a matte, yellowish neutral. This is perfect for the base, I use it all over my lid (eyelash line to brow bone)
    • W.O.S- Walk of Shame- Is a matte light pink neural color, I like to use this on my lid (eyelash to crease)
    • Naked 2- Is a matte light gray/brown. This is by far my favorite color in the pallet. I use it in the crease and just above.
    • Faint- Is a matte medium reddish brown.
    • Crave- Is a very dark brown/black. Perfect for eyeliner.

    There are lots of ways to adjust this to be suitable for smokey eyes, or for date night eye makeup. However, I just use it for my go to day/mommy look. Very light, natural, while giving a fresh face, no makeup look. For me my go to look is:

    1. Foxy as a base all over- eyelash to brow
    2. Faint on the outer third of my lid- To the crease but not above it
    3. Naked2 blended into the crease and just above
    4. Crave applied as an eyeliner to my top lash line
    5. Finish with curling my lashes and applying some mascara.
    6. Top off the look with a bit of blush (Orgasm by NARS is my go to), a bit of nude lipgloss and you are ready to go out the door.

    Very simple and fast but helps me look more put together then a total no make up day. What are your thoughts on this pallet? How do you use the colors?

    PS- Don’t forget out this weeks Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Linky Party!!! I am so excited to see what you all have been up to this week. Be sure to stop by and post something of yours. Anything beauty related would be perfect: makeup, nails, skin, fashion, hair anything that can tie into beauty is what we are looking for 🙂 See you all on Monday

  • CC Cream Better Than a BB

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    Last week, I tried out Maybelline’s BB Cream. I was not impressed, (you can see that review here) so I had this great idea. Well if I don’t like the BB cream, why not go out and try a CC Cream? Seems reasonable, right?I thought so too.

    In hindsight, I should have gone to a major makeup outlet and tried a brand that I knew I would like. But I didn’t really want to spend that kind of money, so I went to the drug store and picked up Loreal Visible Lift CC Cream. I really thought that this would be amazing, since I only have little tiny, only I notice lines. Maybe it would totally undo them. It says it would brighten skin, so I thought that it would help with some of my under eye circles. Just over all really high hopes.

    The product itself is actually pretty good. It really brights my face, the little lines are filled in, gives a very smooth finish, actually helps color correct (any redness is removed). However, I think that it is mis-marketed (or my understanding of a CC Cream is off), but this would work much better for me as a moisturizer. There is absolutely no color to this, it is white. Making any use of it a substitution for foundation non-doable. Also, it makes me very shiny. So a setting powder is needed. (I am able to use the NARS Setting Powder and it looks amazing, not cakey at all.)

    While my thoughts going in as to what this product was, and how the product turned out are vastly different; I was pretty happy with it. But I have learned my lesson, no more drug store buys for this type of product. Go to a major cosmetic store and try the items first.

    PS- Don’t forget, this Monday we will have another Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Linky Party!! This party will be all things beauty: makeup, fashion, hair, nails, style, trends, lifestyle, health, anything that you can link to beauty!! Be sure to come join the party and link up.

  • Easy Dinner- Stuffed Acorn Squash

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    Let me start this post by saying, I am not a cook. I do not like being in the kitchen, and my family would prefer takeout to my home cooking any day.

    Last night though, I got this crazy thought in my head. I am going to make stuffed acorn squash to go with dinner. Wait… What?? I don’t even know what an acorn squash is, what is looks like, what it taste like, or if my picky girls will eat it. (Luckily they will try just about anything on their plate). With the help of a really great grocery clerk, I was able to pick out three squash (is squashes the plural form?). Then with the help of YouTube, I was able to cut them open and de-seed them. And into the oven they went. Turns out that they are pretty easy to make, look very fancy and all the girls ate all of it. Score!!!

    So the onto the recipe:

    • 2-3 Acorn Squash
    • Quinoa
    • Rasins
    • Dried Cranberries
    • Cinnamon

    The how to part-

    1. Pre-heat oven to 350
    2. Place the acorn squash, on its head (the part with the little stem), this will give you the flattest surface. Then cut the squash in half, using a kitchen knife.
    3. Place squash cut side down, onto a cookie sheet (I lined mine with tin foil) and put in oven. Bake for 45-60 minutes, until tender.
    4. Cook the quinoa according to the box. (we used just a plain quinoa, no box seasonings)
    5. Once the quinoa is done, add raisins and cranberries (how much depends on your family’s liking. We used a lot lol). Sprinkle with cinnamon.
    6. Once the squash is done, remove from oven and flip over. Be careful they will be very very hot.
    7. Scoop out some of the quinoa mixture and put inside the squash.
    8. Serve and Enjoy.
  • Color Tattoo

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    Nope not a real tattoo. I am way to afraid of needles to get one.

    After seeing a great post on Maybelline’s Color Tattoo (if you have not checked out Plastic Bows go check her out here. She is AWESOME) I had to give them a try. Off to the closest Target, I go.

    photo 3 (5) photo 1 (13)

    They had a whole line of options, bright colors, neutral colors, gels, powders. Oh my what is a girl to do? I opted for more neutral colors. While I really liked some of bright colors, I am not a bright eyeshadow kinda gal. I got 60 Buff & Tuff, which is a tan/sandy color in a powder and 45 DownTown Brown, which is a dark brown powder.

    They lasted all day, without primer. No crease, no shifting. The colors went on pretty sheer/light, but was easily build able. Over all I was pretty impressed with these. However, they were VERY shimmery. Not glittery, and there was hardly any fallout. But it was more shimmery then I would want to wear on a mommy duty kinda day. For a night out though, they would be great!

    Will I re-buy? Probably, but since they are more shimmery then I would really want to wear, I think I would opt for a bight color to use as a eyeliner, for a pop of color on a night out.

  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness

    barbie party

    Lets do this. Lets get a beauty linky party going. Who’s in with me?

    Invitation details-
    When: Every Monday
    Where: Here at www.confessionsoftheperfectmom.com
    What: A linky party based on all things beauty

    I know this is short notice, but aren’t all great parties spur of the moment? Help me get the word out, and lets start a great weekly party.

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  • Party Party Party


    Does anyone else love link parties? I am in love with them at the moment. I LOVE all the yummy foods that are posted. I LOVE all the crafty/DIY projects. I LOVE finding new blogs to follow. You can find the parties that I go to every week here.

    But, lets be honest. All those yummy foods that are posted, that I love so much. I won’t actually cook. See, I don’t cook. This morning, I asked hubby if he wanted to go out tonight or have me cook something. His response, “When was the last time that you cooked dinner?” I wanted to be very offended, my actual response, “What are you talking about. I cooked dinner….. <sound crickets>.” There was no response since not even I could remember the last time that I cooked.

    All those amazing crafts/DIY projects that I pin. Those wont get done either. While I love crafting and creating, they don’t turn out how I want. Remember my fail on the positivity jar? No, check out that failure here. So while I love these parties, and I love going through literally ALL the posts to ALL the parties, I don’t get very inspired.

    But I am unable to find what I really want. A party that is dedicated to makeup, skin care, nails, hair, basically all things beauty related. Maybe I run in the wrong circles, maybe I am in a craft/create circle. Help me out here girls. Do any of you guys play in link parties related to beauty? If no one knows of any, how interested would you guys be in getting one started? Let me know what your thoughts are.

  • Eyeliner… Pencil, Gel, Powder


    Eyeliner, seems like a simple concept. You line your eyes, move on. But, what you use to line your eyes will make a HUGE difference in your final look. The main/major options would be pencil, gel or powder. Each one has a very different look and applies very differently. So what to use? Lets break each down a bit.

    Pencil. This is the most basic, the go to for every day look. Until I started really playing with makeup it was my go to product. Seemed easy enough, you use a pencil in every day life, and you have been writing since you were about 5. It has to be the easiest. Right? Actually, in my experience, it is the hardest of the three to use on your upper eye line. It can tug and pull, resulting in a skipped look. You can pull the side of your eye, making the skin more tight to help avoid this. But really, who wants to be tugging at the delicate skin around your eyes. However, to line my water line (the little shelf area just outside of your eye), I only use a pencil. It handles the best, for me. So what does that leave, if you are to stop using a pencil?

    You have gel. This is applied with a flat angled brush. You dip it in the gel and run the brush along the lash line. This leaves a more dramatic, bold line. Perfect for many looks. It is the go to for a night out without the kids. I know this is intimidating, I was scared for years to try this. This is probably the easiest option once you get the hang of it, though. The trick, with any liner, is to get it right against the lash line. Unlike a pencil, since it is applied with a soft (compared to a pencil) brush, there is not tugging or pulling. It glides easily across the eyelid. You can line your eye first and then apply your eye makeup. This will soften the look a bit. Or you can use it after every else is applied giving it a much bolder look, especially in a black. What about those days that you are wanting a really soft look, or are on mommy duty where a bold line would be to much?

    Powder. Powder is probably my favorite to use. It is almost as easy as the gel. There is no liquid, so it doesn’t slide quite as easily as the gel. It is still applied with a flat angled brush, so there is no pulling or tugging. It gives a softer look, while still adding definition. This method is very forgiving, you can have a very thin line or a big thick line, the look will still be much softer then gel. And the color options are just about unlimited, you can match it perfectly to your eye shadow colors. I like using a matte, light, neutral colors on my eyes with a pop of green or purple for the liner. Gives some color without being over the top. For added wow-ness, I might only line my lower lash line with the pop of color. It gives you the option to really play around, without having a huge change to your look.

    Eyeliner is one of the most versatile ways to subtly change your look without having to buy a bunch of new makeup. Small changes can dramatically change your look.

  • Primers…..

    photo (12)

    There are LOTS of primers on the market right now. They seem to be the newest must have beauty item. But what is a primer, do you need to shell out lots money for them, and do you really need one?

    Think of when you paint, you use a primer first. You put down a layer of primer for the paint to adhere to and to help hold the paint where you want it. A face primer is the same concept. You want to put it on first, before any makeup. They will help hold your makeup where you put it, also give it more staying power. Originally that was all that a primer did, and honestly a lot of the less expensive ones still only do that. Still a good investment, you not going to pay a whole lot and your makeup will look better and stay on longer. But a good primer can do a whole lot more then just that now.

    For just a little bit more, you can get primers that also: fill in fine lines, cover pores, brighten skin tone, even out skin color, smooth skin surface, and so much more. You do have to do your research though, to find one that works with your skin type. It is worth a trip to the mall or a Sephora to test and try all of them. To make sure that you are getting one that is the best for your skin.

    Personally my favorite Primers are the SmashBox line. They have a big rang of primers that cover a large variety of skin types. They go on transparently, (even though the product itself is purple, red, green, or nude color) so they wont mess with the color of your foundation or any other makeup that you are applying. They aren’t sticky or to tacky. And it makes your skin silky smooth. They really do what they claim to do.

    Additionally, you can’t beat Porefessional. If you have issues with pores, they are a fantastic product that really smooths your skin out. It doesn’t add any additional benefits, but again if you deal with pore issues this will be the best product on the market for you.

    Do you really need it? Honestly, if you wear foundation it will make a big difference on the appearance. I have started noticing little lines (as I have mentioned on other posts) around my eyes, and I have always had pores by my nose. Foundation alone settles into those lines, and can make pores look larger. With the right primer applied before I don’t run into those issues.

    What are your thoughts? Do you use a primer? If so what do you use and how well do you like it?

  • The Award Goes To


    And the nomination for The Liebster Award goes to…

    I was nominated for The Liebster Award, by the amazing Emily. Her blog is fantastic! Go check her our here. Like now, go check it out 🙂

    The Liebster Award is geared for bloggers with a small amount of followers. It is to help us get out there on some great blogs AND helps you discover some really great blogs that you might not have otherwise seen. How wonderful of an idea it this?? But like all great things, there are rules.

    1. You must link back to the person that nominated you.
    2. You must answer the 11 questions that were asked.
    3. You need to nominate 11 of your favorite blogs and ask them 11 questions.
    4. You cannot nominate the person that nominated you.
    5. Let the people that you nominated know by posting on their blog.

    How fun and easy, lets get this party started. The questions that were asked of me are:

    1. What was the first makeup product that you owned and how old were you?
      Wow, this was so long ago lol. I think that I was 13 and it would have been lipgloss. But any other detail, who knows.
    2. How would you describe your style?
      My normal day is what I call “Mommy-Chic”. I am mostly a jeans (gotta love the Miss Me brand) and a solid color V neck tee shirt. I do however, pair this with heels and my hair/makeup is always done.
    3. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
      I won’t even pretend that I liked school, or that it was any in time in the recent past.
    4. Do you have any siblings?
    5. If you could have any hair color/type, what would it be?
      How can you pick just one. I would get to bored, as of now, the color changes every six to eight weeks.
    6. Blue or Brown Eyes?
    7. What’s the name of your favorite blush?
      Nars- Orgasm hands down
    8. If you had to choose between tv or music, which would it be?
      TV, you can always listen to music on the TV.
    9. Are you a neat or messy person?
      I am pleading the 5th here.
    10. Sweet or Savory?
      Sweet. Huge sweet tooth.
    11. If you had to pick one makeup brand to buy ALL products from, which would it be?
      Too Faced. Great product, not horribly priced.

    Now I get to ask 11 questions. (BTW this is way harder then it appears)

    1. What is your favorite color?
    2. Are you a girly girl?
    3. What is your favorite food?
    4. If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 things that you would want with you?
    5. Do you have any pets?
    6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    7. Who is your favorite girl celebrity and why?
    8. What about your favorite guy celebrity and why?
    9. If you could dress just like anyone (real or fiction) who would it be?
    10. What was your childhood dream?
    11. If you could live anywhere in the world without consequence (you would wake up knowing the language, your family went with you, you had a job/place to live and so on) where would you live?

    And I nomiate:
    http://makeup-bakeup.com/ ;
    and last but never least, http://vinevampire.wordpress.com/


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