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I am in need of help!! I can even admit that I need help!!

I am wanting to do some tutorials on my make up looks. When I am out and about, I get comments on my makeup and I would LOVE to share them with all of you (because they are fast and super easy). But how in the world do you girls take such lovely picks of your makeup? I swear when I do, it looks nothing like what I have on. So what is your secret?

Please leave a message and help a girl out.


  • goldglitterdiaries

    i don’t do tutorials but with my other pictures its all about lighting and props for me. but i know what you mean. i think i applied my eyeshadow like a rockstar and when i take a picture of it totally doesn’t do it justice. are you having an issue with the quality of your pictures or lighting?

    • Kat Ryan

      I think it might be both. It looks awesome in person, but then just very washed out in photos. Maybe the lighting is off. Very frustrating lol. I love all the props in your pics, they are always so pretty to look at 🙂

  • Rola

    When it comes to photography, natural lighting trumps flash. So, if possible, do your makeup early in the day, get your camera ready, and have someone take pictures of your makeup look-of-the-day outside. Also, there are programs which can enhance the lighting, brightness, and saturation of photos, too (photoshop is the obvious one that comes to mind). You can also do video tutorials and show your step-by-step process, like many makeup artists do.

    • Kat Ryan

      Great tips! Thanks so much. That might be it, I do use a flash. So tomorrow I will try going outside for natural lighting. I have thought about the video tutorials. Might have to give it a try and see how you all like them 🙂

      • realcoake

        As far as flash…it is true that natural light is the best. But sometimes you just can’t get the shot you want that way. If you have a DSLR camera an external flash works wonders at giving a natural look without the harshness or color changing properties of the flash attached to your camera. I use mine for almost all of my photography and it works wonders.

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