To Dust or Not To Dust


Do you use a setting powder? Normally, I use a powder foundation; no need to put yet another powder on my face. But, I was going out and knew that I would be using my liquid. To me, liquid foundation often screams, “Hello I am wearing a liquid foundation!!”. I can spot it a mile away (same with just about any foundation so I am not singling out those that wear it.) Why not try a setting powder? It might cut some of the shine that I do occasionally get with it, it might cut what I call the liquid look, it might help my little lines that are starting to show up. Off to research, aka, a trip to Sephora to shift through all my options.

I settled on Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder. The reasons that I went with this is because it was a matte, and the light reflecting crystals were suppose to help the look of lines and pores. Basically this was suppose to smooth the skin of any minor issue. For $34.00 it is on the cheaper side of the ones I was looking at so home it went.

Now that I have used it a few times, I have to say I still don’t have a firm answer either way. I don’t LOVE it but I don’t dislike it either. It is certainly not for use with other powders or for day time makeup. For going out, with a liquid foundation, it does give great staying power. The biggest perks is that in photos, when I use it, I look amazing. It truly is translucent, the light reflecting crystals make me look soft and awake, and I look years younger (it really does erase those little fine lines). In person though, it does have a slight cakey powdery look. Now off to a dark bar, or cozy restaurant this wont be an issue, no one would be able to tell. The light is to low to see details like that.

So will I buy again? Probably not. I see other items that I like more for $34. Has anyone else tried this and have other thoughts?


  • whatthemom

    I don’t use a powder since I am in my early 40’s and find that powders settle in my lines and look cakey. Would love to hear if you find anything that would help with keeping everything in place without a layer of dust!

    • Kat Ryan

      UGH, I typed out a long reply and it got deleted in cyber space somewhere. Not cool. Anyway, I have found that as long as I use a good primer (I really like SmashBox products. They not only fill in little lines, they can color correct, add radiance, and with a whole like of specialized products they can do a lot), powder won’t settle into my…….. wont say wrinkles, wont say wrinkles. Lets say it won’t settle into those fine lines or pores.

      • whatthemom

        I hate it when that happens! Maybe I’m missing a good primer. I use Laura Mercier tinted foundation and bobbi brown pot rouge blush, with YSL touch√© √©clat and concealer. Also using LaMer moisturizer and loving it. Thanks for the tip!

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