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There are LOTS of primers on the market right now. They seem to be the newest must have beauty item. But what is a primer, do you need to shell out lots money for them, and do you really need one?

Think of when you paint, you use a primer first. You put down a layer of primer for the paint to adhere to and to help hold the paint where you want it. A face primer is the same concept. You want to put it on first, before any makeup. They will help hold your makeup where you put it, also give it more staying power. Originally that was all that a primer did, and honestly a lot of the less expensive ones still only do that. Still a good investment, you not going to pay a whole lot and your makeup will look better and stay on longer. But a good primer can do a whole lot more then just that now.

For just a little bit more, you can get primers that also: fill in fine lines, cover pores, brighten skin tone, even out skin color, smooth skin surface, and so much more. You do have to do your research though, to find one that works with your skin type. It is worth a trip to the mall or a Sephora to test and try all of them. To make sure that you are getting one that is the best for your skin.

Personally my favorite Primers are the SmashBox line. They have a big rang of primers that cover a large variety of skin types. They go on transparently, (even though the product itself is purple, red, green, or nude color) so they wont mess with the color of your foundation or any other makeup that you are applying. They aren’t sticky or to tacky. And it makes your skin silky smooth. They really do what they claim to do.

Additionally, you can’t beat Porefessional. If you have issues with pores, they are a fantastic product that really smooths your skin out. It doesn’t add any additional benefits, but again if you deal with pore issues this will be the best product on the market for you.

Do you really need it? Honestly, if you wear foundation it will make a big difference on the appearance. I have started noticing little lines (as I have mentioned on other posts) around my eyes, and I have always had pores by my nose. Foundation alone settles into those lines, and can make pores look larger. With the right primer applied before I don’t run into those issues.

What are your thoughts? Do you use a primer? If so what do you use and how well do you like it?



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