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Does anyone else love link parties? I am in love with them at the moment. I LOVE all the yummy foods that are posted. I LOVE all the crafty/DIY projects. I LOVE finding new blogs to follow. You can find the parties that I go to every week here.

But, lets be honest. All those yummy foods that are posted, that I love so much. I won’t actually cook. See, I don’t cook. This morning, I asked hubby if he wanted to go out tonight or have me cook something. His response, “When was the last time that you cooked dinner?” I wanted to be very offended, my actual response, “What are you talking about. I cooked dinner….. <sound crickets>.” There was no response since not even I could remember the last time that I cooked.

All those amazing crafts/DIY projects that I pin. Those wont get done either. While I love crafting and creating, they don’t turn out how I want. Remember my fail on the positivity jar? No, check out that failure here. So while I love these parties, and I love going through literally ALL the posts to ALL the parties, I don’t get very inspired.

But I am unable to find what I really want. A party that is dedicated to makeup, skin care, nails, hair, basically all things beauty related. Maybe I run in the wrong circles, maybe I am in a craft/create circle. Help me out here girls. Do any of you guys play in link parties related to beauty? If no one knows of any, how interested would you guys be in getting one started? Let me know what your thoughts are.



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