• Sleeping Naked.. How Do They Know??

    pooh sleeping

    How do my girls know when I am sleeping in the buff? I swear they have slept through the night (even baby) for the last 18 months. They go to bed between 8:00-8:30, I don’t go to bed until midnight or so. They have several hours of getting into a deep sleep, they have no conscious awareness that I am still up, or getting into bed. But without fail, the few nights that I feel like sleeping naked, they wake up come 3am.

    How the F** do they know???

  • MAC…. All I Can Say Is Wow

    Wow…. Yea wow.

    Was finally about to play around with the new MAC makeup that I received, I swear it was calling me from my luggage bag. It was mad at me for not using it when I first got it, then it was mad at me for leaving it in there on my crazy busy day yesterday. (I know that I cannot be the only one that makeup talks to hehe)

    The eye shadows are amazing. They lasted all day, even without a primer. There was NO, let me repeat that, there was NO fallout. I can honestly say that was a first. They didn’t crease. And they blended amazingly. Yes they are pricey, but they really were great!

    photo (5)

    Shroom was a very light, shimmery almost white color. This was perfect for the highlighting and inner eye.

    photo (6)

    Woodwinked was a shimmery gold color. I used this for the outer third my eyelid. It was great to show off my hazel eyes. The gold in it brought out the gold flecks in my eyes. Plus it was not harsh, so it was perfect for a day look.

    photo (7)

    Omega is a great blending shade. It is matte and very neutral, it will work with a lot of looks. I used it in my crease and slightly above to blend the Woodwinked and the Shroom together.

    photo (8)

    The lipstick in High Tea is a great nude color. My lips are very, very pink and it makes it hard to find a nude color lipstick that does not turn barbie pink on me. This shade, while pretty and nude, did not cover up the pink of my lips to give me a nude look. However, after playing a bit, I found that if I use the Boi-ing (see my review on that here)  on my lips first, not only does it give it GREAT staying power (kinda acted like a primer), it covered the pink of my lips to give this a great nude color. Perfect!

    So while this was a very expensive little kit ($15 per eye color and $20 for the lipstick), I can not be more thrilled with it. I am looking forward to playing with it some more.

  • MAC….. So Excited!!!

    photo 2 (10)

    With as much as I love makeup, I have never bit the bullet and bought MAC. It always seemed to expensive for the size that you were getting. It is one of those brands that I hear about, that people rave about, that is suppose to be the best of the best. But, I am never going to purchase for myself.

    We finally made it up to my grandma house for Christmas. And……. she bought me MAC!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am. It is like I am passing through a rite of passage. I received eye shadow in Shroom (Satin), Omega (Matte) and Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl). As well as, Lustre Lipstick in High Tea. I can not wait to try it all out!!

    I can not wait to use it! What are your favorite MAC products?

    photo 1 (10)

  • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation

    photo (3)

    I love makeup. I love wearing makeup. I love just about all things makeup.

    However, I do not love or even like foundation. I don’t like the way it looks, it is either to full coverage and covers my freckles (I know I am a weird one that actually likes my freckles and like that they show), or they don’t offer any coverage. When I do wear it, not only does it have to cover but not cover, I don’t want to feel it on my face. So go find something like that. Ready and… GO!

    The answer, BellaPierre Mineral Foundation. This gives a great coverage, without completely covering your natural look. Once applied, it is completely lightweight, meaning you won’t feel it on your face. It gives a smooth finish that won’t let any shine through, plus it lasts all day.

    The down-fall, it does have a heavy price tag that goes along with it. At about $60 plus tax, it is on the high end for foundation. You really only need a tiny bit, so it lasts and lasts. On the other side, with it being a loose powder base, it is easy to spill. So beware and be careful when it is open.

    How much are you willing to shell out for a good foundation? Do you use a powder foundation or only cream based?

  • Zero to Hero…. Day 1

    Okay, so I am going to do this Zero to Hero challenge, AND try to keep up on my other stuff. Lets see how far, and how long I will be able to keep this up. With everything else going on, it seems like I might have bit off a bit more then I can chew and it is only day one. Not exactly the best footing to start this off, but every journey starts with one step (or post in this case). Here is my first step:

    The challenge today is to write and publish a post on, “who I am and why I am here”. On the surface this is an easy one, but very challenging for me because, for me, this blog is helping me figure out who I am (aside from mom and wife).

    I am a stay at home mom to three beautiful little girls, whom I choose to homeschool. I am a wife to an amazing husband, whom I would follow to the moon and back. I try my best to be the “perfect mom”. AKA my blog title. It has taken me a decade or so to realize that there is no such thing the perfect mom. That the perfect mom is a myth, a legend, a fairy tale character. I have come to realize that the perfect mom just cheats better. So part of this blog is set up for easy crafting type projects, that are super fast but will make you feel more like (or appear to be, if that is important to you) the perfect mom.

    Aside from mom and wife, I am a make up artist. This part of me gets put behind my other duties. I am setting up part of this blog to be dedicated to makeup, dedicated to the girly side of me that I love so much. Whether that is reviews of products that I use, or tutorials (at some point I promise to get these up) on various looks that I like to create. This part of my blog, not only will hopefully be entertaining and informative to readers, but will help me carve out a little space for me to be me apart from mom and wife.

    So I guess that sums up who I am, and why I am here.

  • Parenting Disclosure… Please sign and return

    welcome to parenthood

    So this morning I had a great make up all written up. Quite proud of it actually, then I ran across this amazingly hilarious blog. That is so true, and made me laugh out loud this morning, possibly even choke on my tea. Note to self, you can not drink and laugh at the same time. So instead of posting my riveting review, I am reposting this blog so all of you may laugh as well. Thanks to Momma Be Thy Name.

    We’ve heard you’ve been considering creating a family, experiencing the pure joy of love wrapped in a velvety receiving blanket, embarking upon the magical journey of parenthood! Fantastic!

    We realize there have been some misunderstandings regarding the perceptions and actual practice of parenthood. To clear up any confusion, we’ve asked that you please read this form, then sign and initial where indicated…. (Click here for the rest of this blog.)

  • Welcome 2014!!!


    Welcome 2014!!!!

    Wether you are ready for it or not, 2014 is here. It is the start of a new year. Do you, like the majority, have New Year Resolutions? Do you actually keep these resolutions? Or does the thought of it stress you out even more then the few small items that you are wanting to change?

    I don’t have full fledge resolutions. To me, they just add another layer of stress. Cause lets be honest, come February they are already a distant thought. Starting off the year with a failure is not exactly the way that I want to feel starting a new year. But, I do put together a plan to help me change things for the positive in the new year. By putting together a goal, and a plan you are far far less likely to give up. So here is my plan for the New Year:

    1. Meditate More- I try to mediate for a few moments every day. Up to this point it has not been a huge priority; so it gets put behind dishes, picking up, watching TV. My plan will be to actually set up a time every day (like right after the girls go to bed), to have “Meditation Time”. This way it gets put on the calendar everyday, and is part of the schedule not just an idea of something that I want to do.
    2. Continue Blogging- I have really loved blogging. I am a planner, so I am going to write “Blog Time” on my calendar (just like all my other activities), so everyday I have time set up to write. In connection with that, I am going to pay more attention to what you guys are wanting to read, leave me messages letting me know what you guys like.

    For me, that is more then enough. How about you, what are your resolutions or plans for the new year?


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