• Puffy Eyes… A Thing Of The Past


    So yesterday I wrote about their magical Anti-Dark-Circle Roller. (You can find that review here) But what about those days that you are just a little puffy? This is the best thing for those days, and it is another drugstore find: Garnier Skin Renew Anti Puff Eye Roller

    It has a metal roller, that is always cold. The cold helps constrict puffiness, immediately making your puffiness noticeably less. Then the gel is packed full of caffeine and all kinds of skin nutrients to help wake up and nourish your skin.

    It is so simple to use. All you have to do is roll it under your eye, starting at your inner corner and rolling it outward. You will do this twice. The first time right below your eye, and the next time slightly below that. Use your ring finger to pat in any excess gel. I have found that it works best for me when I apply it before any eye moisturizer. Otherwise my moisturizer gets all stuck on the roller and slides around on my face. So I put this on first, pat it in, then apply the moisturizer. While this is great for any and all puffiness, it does not help with any coloration. So if you have dark circles with your puffiness you are better off using the Garnier Anti-Dark-Circle Roller.

    I have to admit, I am pretty that I started looking at the drugstore for some product. While not everything has been a hit, this little but mighty certainly is. What are some of the good drugstore finds that you have found?

  • Got Dark Circles… Banish Them!!!


    I have stumbled upon the holy grail of under eye concealer. Not only is it the best that I have ever tried, it is a drugstore brand and at only $9.99 there is no reason to go get this today!

    Garnier Skin Renewal Anti-Dark-Circle-Roller is by far the best under eye dark circle concealer on the market. I happened to stumble upon this at the grocery store not to long ago. My circles were so bad, due to not sleeping very well. I tried Boi-ing it was ok but not great. I tried several other options to no avail. Nothing was working, or it worked, but settled into my little lines. Making me look older then I am, not good and certainly not what I am going for.

    This is an totally different type of application. Instead of putting some on a brush, or patting it on; you untwist the top and roll it on under your eye. The ball for the roller is a small metal ball that is always cold. (This also helps de-puff the area) You then use a sponge and pat it into the skin. It blends seamlessly into your skin, and it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t settle into any lines. The texture is very creamy, while not runny it is very liquidy. It brightens the area and gives a soft powder finish.

    I am so impressed by this. It will be hard to purchase any other under eye concealer in the future.


  • Eyes… Its All About the Eyes

    eyes 1.jpg

    Our eyes are some of our most attractive parts of our face. Yes having a great completion is noticeable, yes have high cheek bones are said to show beauty, yes having a full lips will get you noticed. But lets be honest, its all about the eyes. They show our soul, they show our emotions, they can get someone’s attention across a full room. So what are some quick easy things you can do to make those beautiful eyes pop?

    • Conceal any dark circles under your eyes. They will make you look tired, and older then you are (no body wants that). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. (I found this at the drugstore and will have a full review on it later this week)
    • Line your eyes. I like a black liner, with olive skin and dark hair I can pull it off in the daytime; even though all the “experts” say it is to harsh. I like to line my waterline (the little ledge around your eyes) with a black pencil. If this is to harsh for you, brown is a great softer alternative. You can get it in a range of shades, everything from a very light sand/beige to a dark brown black. Pick whatever shade you like. Lining your eyes will give them definition making them stand out. There are pencils, gels, liquid there are lots of options. Want to know the benefits/perks of each, check out here.
    • Curl your lashes!!! There is a lot of ways to do that. You can use a traditional curler, you can use a curling iron (not the kind for your hair but a heated eye lash curler), you can even use a spoon. By curling your lashes you are making them look longer, and making your eyes look bigger.
    • Last but not least a little mascara can go a long long way. It can do everything from making your lashes longer/darker to having them look fuller. See here for a post about drugstore verses designer mascaras. A great mascara can make all the difference. Again, I use a black mascara day and night. But there are awesome brown shades that are less harsh. Have red eyes, or bloodshot eyes, try a blue tinted mascara. No, you won’t be rocking overly advert blue lashes, but the blue tint will help cancel out the red in those peepers.

    A few simple easy steps, can make all the difference.

  • Mod Podge Is Magic!

    photo 1 (26).jpg

    Most of you know this, but it is new to me. What is this new news I found out? I have discovered this amazing stuff. Mod Podge!!! You know all the great things that you can do with it? I didn’t. I mean I have heard people talking about it, I have read to use it in tutorials, but I had never actually tried this stuff. Why you ask? Maybe I was just to lazy to go get it. Maybe I just didn’t believe it worked how it said. Who knows, but for whatever reason I didn’t buy this stuff. Well, I finally got off my butt and bought some of this magical concoction that everyone is bragging about. I must say, I am shocked, and awed, and loving this glue. All for one very easy use of this.

    Tink and Belle love, and I mean love puzzles. They do them often and are very proud of when they complete one. They call everyone to come and see them. But then what? Time to take it apart and put it back into the box. This always results in tears. And lots of tears, questions as to why can’t the puzzle stay just a bit longer (never mind they completed it on the kitchen/dining table and dinner is ready). Always a huge ordeal. I have developed a love/hate relationship when the girls do them. On the upside, they are quiet, entertained, and will hold their attention for hours, but the tears, the whining are coming.

    Did you know, that you can paint this Mod Podge stuff on the puzzle and it holds the puzzle together? Like forever. You can then hang a puzzle. Mind Blown!! Tink and Belle are in heaven. They then put together all their puzzles to have me Mod Podge them all to hang on their walls.

    photo 2 (25).jpg

    How do you do this, you might ask? It is beyond easy.
    Materials Needed:

    • Mod Podge
    • Paint Brush
    • Puzzle

    Step 1- Complete your puzzle
    Step 2- Dip paint brush into Mod Podge
    Step 3- Paint entire puzzle, focusing on where the pieces connect
    Step 4- Wait for it to dry (it will dry completely clear), flip over and paint other side.
    Step 5- Optional- repeat steps 2-4 to have two coats

    That is it!! Saved countless tears, and the girls now have a wall full of puzzles that they have completed. What is your favorite use for Mod Podge? How else can I use this amazing, magical stuff?

  • Bows, Bows, and More Bows


    With three princesses in the castle, we have hundreds of bows. This fact did not stop Baby from announcing that she needed yet another bow. In fact, another pink bow. She did not want one of the many many pink bows that we already have, but a brand new one that is just hers. Sorry, hubby refuses to spend any more money on bows. BUT…. I can MAKE a bow. Out comes the pink yarn and the crochet hook.

    Materials Needed:

    1. Yarn
    2. Crochet Hook
    3. Alligator Clip

    Chain 21. This will be how long your bow is, so you can make it bigger by adding another few chains or make it smaller but taking out a few chains. Totally up to you.

     photo 1 (25)

    Turn over, starting in second chain from hook double crochet across. If you are using my size, you should have 20 double stitches. Chain one

    Turn over and repeat step 2 a total of 5 times.

    photo 2 (24)

    Tie off and sew ends into rectangle. At this point you should have a nice rectangle.

    Cut off a long piece of yarn for the middle of the bow. This can be the same color as the bow, or you can mix it up a bit and choose a different yarn. Pinch your rectangle in half and tie the yarn on the pinch. I put my pinched bow in the middle of my long piece of yarn. Tie off.

     photo 3 (13)

    Wrap the long ends of the yarn around the middle of the bow. And tie when you reach the ends.

    photo 4 (5)

    On the under side, slide your alligator clip into the “knot” of the bow. Fluff and perfect your bow.

     photo 5 (1)

    So easy!! I seriously made this sitting in front of the TV, during one show. Baby was so happy to get it the next morning. And both Tink and Belle needed some too, so we ended up making all the girls new bows.

    photo (23)

    This was the first time that I put together a crochet tutorial. Was it easy to follow? How did your bows turn out?

  • Multiplying MAC!!

    photo 3 (12)

    My love of MAC Cosmetics has grown since Christmas, when my wonderful grandma introduced me to it. I have to admit, I am not sure quite how it happened, but suddenly I have twice as much as I originally had. They are all in the same neutral family. So, obviously, they are having some serious fun at night and making babies. Hehehe, that has to be it.

    My collection had: Omega, HoodWinked, and Shroom. This was such a great start, while I love shimmer it is just not an everyday mommy makeup look for me. I completely had fallen in love with Omega though. It was such a perfect light blending color that matched everything. My collection now also includes:

    photo 1 (24)

    Brule is a matte version of Shroom. It is very light, skin tone color. This is great to cover your entire lid; lash line to eye brow. I love using this as a base color. It is a light and neutral color that does not interfere with the other colors you put on top of it. I have used it with everything from browns, to greens, to purples. It is just the perfect simple color.

    photo 3 (11)

    Brun is also a matte color, a very dark cool brown. I am just in love with this color. You can use this lightly on the outer third of your eye for a great day smokey look. That will not be to harsh, or look weird on your mommy duties. Or you can layer it up, on your outer V area for a great dramatic night time look. It is very versatile and will accomplish a lot of different looks.

    photo 1 (22)

    Last, I got Charcoal  Brown. This is a warm medium brown matte color (are you noticing a theme going on). Normally I stay away from warm browns, because I think they tend to make my eyes look red and tired. This one though, is amazing! If you don’t like very dark colors, or are looking for a simple go to day look this one is the pick. It matches everything!

    photo 2 (21)

    I love how all of the MAC colors work together. I often just grab Brule to cover my entire eye area. Then put Charcoal Brown from my lash line to the crease. Coat with mascara and call it good to go. It makes for such a simple, easy day look. MAC has such great staying power that it will last all day. Makes you look put together, without overly made-up. Then I can easily change it to a much more dramatic going out, night time look but adding Brun to the outer V of each eye. A little bit of Shroom into the inner V of each eye and in the tear duct area. A bit of eyeliner along both the upper and lower lash line. Poof you have gone from your simple day/office/mommy look to a smokey hot ready to kick butt look.

    I am worried that my love of MAC will soon extend out beyond eyeshadows. There is still a big world out there to explore: blush, lips, foundations, oh my!!

  • Has Blogging Taken Over Your Life?


    Yea mine too!! When I started blogging, I thought, “Hey this will be easy. I will write up a little something after the kids go to bed, post the next morning, and be done. Twenty minutes a day tops.” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Oh my, was I way off. Just for my post alone, you need to come up with a topic, write, edit, take photos, edit said photos and so on. Then I found out that once you hit that “publish” button, the work does not stop there. Oh no, it is just starting. You then have to promote that post. Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Google+, link parties, the list is endless. So when I thought that I would just have this little, non-time consuming, project, I was crazy. My little project has taken over my life. And I LOVE IT!!! Anyone else thought that it would not take up much time, and not it consumes everything??


  • How to Primp for a Date Night

    photo 1 (21)

    You have been reading about how fun makeup can be. You have gone out and bought all kinds of new makeup; or pulled out all of yours that is collecting dust. Now what??

    Here is my going out, date night with the hubby makeup look. I am going to use (this is in no particular order): Naked 2 by Urban Decay (eyes), Pink Peony by Bobbi Brown (blush), Maybelinne Big Eyes (mascara), High Tea by MAC (lips), Stay Matte Foundation by Rimmel (Face), Forever Young by Lush (for highlight), Baby Skin by Maybelline (as a primer), and last but never least, Black Cherry by Zethina (gel eyeliner). This is going to sound way way harder to apply then it actually is.

    1. Apply Baby Skin to your entire face. You only need a pea sized amount to cover                everything.

    photo 4 (4)

    2. Apply your foundation to your entire face. Apply with a foundation brush for best           results, you will stipple (dot it on) it on then blend it in with circular motions.
    3. I start with the top and move down… So eyes, checks, then lips.
    4. Eyes-

    photo 3 (10)

    • Apply Foxy to entire lid. From lashes to brow
    • Apply Snakebite in your outer V area. (To get that outer V, you will apply Snakebite along your upper lash line starting at the outside corner towards your nose about a third of the way along your lash line. Then starting at the outer corner again, take Snakebite into your crease about a third to half of your lid based on how big your lid is.) Blend Blend Blend
    • Apply Suspect in your crease and just above it, following your crease line.
    • Apply Blackout with a thin angle brush along your lower lash line
    • Apply your gel eyeliner, I used Black Cherry, along your entire top lash line.
    • Curl your lashes and apply mascara to both your top and bottom lashes.

    5. Blush-

    photo 2 (20)

    • Put a small amount of Lush Feeling Younger on your ring finger, and dot this along the top of your check bone. You want to take it below your eye and up around to your temple. This will highlight your eyes.
    • Starting at your hair line sweep, using curricular motions, Bobbi Brown Pink Peony along your check bone stopping about two fingers width away from your nose. Then take it up around your eye towards your temple by your hair line.

    6. Coat lips with MAC high tea
    7. You are ready!! Beautiful as always


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