Great Drugstore Lip Products

Great Drugstore Lips


I am a hoarder. Lets get that out into the open. I hoard lip products like no one’s business. With so many different products on the market it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth the money, and which ones you should pass on. Lucky for you, I have tried most of them and have compiled my list of favorites. This is not to say that these are the only ones that I use, or like, just these are my go to easy to find, drugstore finds that are always in my purse.

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Up first is Rimmel London, Kate in 113. This has a super matte, total coverage beige-y nude color. When I say total coverage, it even covers my extremely naturally pink lips without any pink seep through. This is perfect for when you are going out, and you have a very dark smokey eye. You need to have very heavy eye makeup with this, otherwise it will wash you out.

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Next up is Rimmel London’s 272 Frosted. This is much more of an every day lipstick (over Kate’s 113). It is still a nude, yes most of my lip colors are in the nude family. But while the other one was a full coverage matte, this one is a more pinky shimmery color. It lets your natural color show though a bit more. You can wear this with any other makeup you have going on. With the shimmer and color it will not wash you out. I have even worn this alone, as in no other makeup…. eekk

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We all have chapped, irritated, winter lips, these are the best chap sticks that I have found. Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses came originally as a sample in Baby’s Butt Paste package. It took me a long to get over that fact. I mean it was packaged with something called Butt Paste. But once I got over that, it was awesome. It is a bit thick, but feels wonderful on and starts soothing right away.

My Favorite Night Balm, is a recent find from Bath and Body Works (so not necessarily drugstore purchase but I could not tell you about this). You put it on at night, right before bed. Be prepared, it is very very thick; kinda feels like you are putting on petroleum jelly. However, when you wake up in the morning, it is so worth it. It leaves your lips soft, full and perfectly kissable. Since I started using this, I am not needing an hourly dose of chap stick.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. It leaves a slight color, to help cancel out a bit of the pinkish that I have going on. (Seriously they are so pink) It soothes a bit, has a chap stick feel. My girls have these in just about all the colors they have. They tell daddy that it is just chap stick, not really lipstick. Making it okay for them to wear on a daily basis.

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So I saved the best for last, I got this as a gift for Christmas. It is a great peachy pink color, with gold shimmer. It is a perfect color to help whiten your teeth too. It is super shiny, and makes your mouth so pouty. It is a bit sticky though. However the reason that it is my favorite…….. It comes with a built in mirror AND light!!!! You push a button the top and a mini light turns on. Making reapplication in the dark a breeze. The packaging totally makes this a winner.

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So what is your favorite drugstore lip products? Which ones make the cut? Let me know.


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