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Am I the only one that has been barraged with Bobbie Brown Uber Pink Collection ads? Maybe it is because all I do is look at makeup online hehe. But I have to admit, that it worked. I had been marketed to enough that now I am needing to find out what it is all about.  That, along with, the fact that my amazing Aunt FaceTimed me into her Bobbi Brown makeup party, and I got to watch how wonderful all the girls looked.

I finally have a Bobbi Brown counter that recently opened in the mall by my house. (Sorry I don’t buy much online, just books and that needs to be a whole other blog to talk about that addiction.) It was a great day, so the girls and I thought that it was a perfect day to go play with and look at makeup. Off we went.

It was a great, not just a counter, but a whole corner of my Dillards. There were huge screen with Katie Holmes (who can’t love that girl. I mean come on Joey was the typical girl next door that we all wanted to be) laughing, smiling, looking as beautiful and graceful as always. I was hooked.

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Very proud that I only picked up both the blushes of this set. They are made to wear together, so come on, how could I only get one of them… Really, you NEED them both. 🙂

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First we have Pink Peony. It is a VERY VERY bright pink, with Be Bold pressed into the compact. I was very intimidated with this shade. With my fair, olive skin I thought that it would be a little to Barbie-ish. With me being a mom, and not a 20-something any more, I thought that it would be to bright for me. I mean, I don’t really even like blush and this was certainly blush. But it goes on beautifully. Light, sheer, it is very pink, but nothing to harsh or bright. I was very surprised. It makes me look like I have a slight blush going on, like someone just told me a dirty joke, and I am trying not to be embarrassed by it.

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Next up we have Antigua. I am totally digging this color. It is a pinky, peach. My picture does not do this justice. It is just the perfect shade for my skin (and really anyone’s skin tone). It has Be Pretty stamped into the compact also, with a mirror. There is a slight, and I mean very slight, shimmer to it. It is very very light and sheer also. Once applied there is nothing that pops, it melts right into your skin. Making you look like you have a natural glow about you.

You apply Antigua on your cheek bones, up towards your temple and along your hairline around your eye. Pink Peony goes on the apples of your cheeks blending into your check bones. Together they make you look awake, refreshed and ready to kick the days butt. It really does give you an amazing look. What do you guys think of this collection?


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