Shimmer verses Matte MakeUp

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There seems to be a lot of debate lately over shimmer verses matte makeup; eye shadows in particular, but it does run over into blush and lipstick too. What exactly is the difference between shimmer and matte? Shimmer has a small amount of sheen to it. Where it might look slightly wet, or have very very small specks of glitter. (Glittery makeup is something completely different all together though) As opposed to matte, which has absolutely no sheen to it. It is completely void of any reflecting light properties.  So how does this effect your makeup and your looks?

Lots of eyeshadow lately has shimmer in it. It is very very popular and trendy at the moment. It gives a great dramatic effect, will lighten your face, and can, if not overdone, make you look younger. This is because of the light reflecting property that the shimmer has in it. I do find though, that with some shimmer eyeshadow, it settles into all those little fine lines on your eye lid. Where as a matte will be more subtle and blend more into your skin. It won’t bounce the light around, so it can’t highlight those fine lines. For me, I tend to wear the shimmer eyeshadow out at night. Light will be lower, so the shimmer will bounce off the little amounts of light. This will showcase your eyes and bring more attention to them. Also, with the lower light it won’t highlight your lines as much as in full sun light. My go to day look is mostly mattes. Soft, neutral, less is more type attitude during the day.

You can find blush with both shimmer and matte. My personal opinion is to use shimmer on one area of your face at a time. If you are wearing shimmer eye shadow, please please please use matte for the rest of your face to avoid shimmer overload. However, during the day, when you are staying away from shimmer eye makeup, a little bit of shimmer in your blush is a wonderful thing. It will not only make you look more awake, it will perk up your entire face. Any day time blush, should have a smudge of iridescence in it.

Lip products come in very matte lipsticks, to very shiny lip glosses. This is really more of your opinion as to what you like and what texture you want on your lips. While matte lips are incredibly sexy, glossy lips will make your look fuller. It is the exact opposite of shimmer eyeshadow though, matte lipsticks will show off ANY chaps, lines or unevenness in your lips. Making them/you look older and your lips smaller. Where as, the shiny gloss will cover over any of those imperfections. Giving your lips a full, soft, pouty look. The choice here is to decide what look you are going for and what your natural lip shape is.

What are you thoughts on shimmery very matte makeup? What do you typically wear and why do you like it?


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