How to Primp for a Date Night

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You have been reading about how fun makeup can be. You have gone out and bought all kinds of new makeup; or pulled out all of yours that is collecting dust. Now what??

Here is my going out, date night with the hubby makeup look. I am going to use (this is in no particular order): Naked 2 by Urban Decay (eyes), Pink Peony by Bobbi Brown (blush), Maybelinne Big Eyes (mascara), High Tea by MAC (lips), Stay Matte Foundation by Rimmel (Face), Forever Young by Lush (for highlight), Baby Skin by Maybelline (as a primer), and last but never least, Black Cherry by Zethina (gel eyeliner). This is going to sound way way harder to apply then it actually is.

1. Apply Baby Skin to your entire face. You only need a pea sized amount to cover                everything.

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2. Apply your foundation to your entire face. Apply with a foundation brush for best           results, you will stipple (dot it on) it on then blend it in with circular motions.
3. I start with the top and move down… So eyes, checks, then lips.
4. Eyes-

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  • Apply Foxy to entire lid. From lashes to brow
  • Apply Snakebite in your outer V area. (To get that outer V, you will apply Snakebite along your upper lash line starting at the outside corner towards your nose about a third of the way along your lash line. Then starting at the outer corner again, take Snakebite into your crease about a third to half of your lid based on how big your lid is.) Blend Blend Blend
  • Apply Suspect in your crease and just above it, following your crease line.
  • Apply Blackout with a thin angle brush along your lower lash line
  • Apply your gel eyeliner, I used Black Cherry, along your entire top lash line.
  • Curl your lashes and apply mascara to both your top and bottom lashes.

5. Blush-

photo 2 (20)

  • Put a small amount of Lush Feeling Younger on your ring finger, and dot this along the top of your check bone. You want to take it below your eye and up around to your temple. This will highlight your eyes.
  • Starting at your hair line sweep, using curricular motions, Bobbi Brown Pink Peony along your check bone stopping about two fingers width away from your nose. Then take it up around your eye towards your temple by your hair line.

6. Coat lips with MAC high tea
7. You are ready!! Beautiful as always



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