Multiplying MAC!!

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My love of MAC Cosmetics has grown since Christmas, when my wonderful grandma introduced me to it. I have to admit, I am not sure quite how it happened, but suddenly I have twice as much as I originally had. They are all in the same neutral family. So, obviously, they are having some serious fun at night and making babies. Hehehe, that has to be it.

My collection had: Omega, HoodWinked, and Shroom. This was such a great start, while I love shimmer it is just not an everyday mommy makeup look for me. I completely had fallen in love with Omega though. It was such a perfect light blending color that matched everything. My collection now also includes:

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Brule is a matte version of Shroom. It is very light, skin tone color. This is great to cover your entire lid; lash line to eye brow. I love using this as a base color. It is a light and neutral color that does not interfere with the other colors you put on top of it. I have used it with everything from browns, to greens, to purples. It is just the perfect simple color.

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Brun is also a matte color, a very dark cool brown. I am just in love with this color. You can use this lightly on the outer third of your eye for a great day smokey look. That will not be to harsh, or look weird on your mommy duties. Or you can layer it up, on your outer V area for a great dramatic night time look. It is very versatile and will accomplish a lot of different looks.

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Last, I got Charcoal  Brown. This is a warm medium brown matte color (are you noticing a theme going on). Normally I stay away from warm browns, because I think they tend to make my eyes look red and tired. This one though, is amazing! If you don’t like very dark colors, or are looking for a simple go to day look this one is the pick. It matches everything!

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I love how all of the MAC colors work together. I often just grab Brule to cover my entire eye area. Then put Charcoal Brown from my lash line to the crease. Coat with mascara and call it good to go. It makes for such a simple, easy day look. MAC has such great staying power that it will last all day. Makes you look put together, without overly made-up. Then I can easily change it to a much more dramatic going out, night time look but adding Brun to the outer V of each eye. A little bit of Shroom into the inner V of each eye and in the tear duct area. A bit of eyeliner along both the upper and lower lash line. Poof you have gone from your simple day/office/mommy look to a smokey hot ready to kick butt look.

I am worried that my love of MAC will soon extend out beyond eyeshadows. There is still a big world out there to explore: blush, lips, foundations, oh my!!


  • KC @ The Real Thing with the Coake Family

    If your MAC eyeshadow collection is large…I’m in real trouble and mine collection has been making A LOT of babies! I’ve been using their makeup for years and have quite the collection. Brule is probably my most used color. Every time I go to the MAC counter, they use it on me and you know they don’t want to use the same color twice because they want me to buy more….lol!
    Love your other colors as well.

    • Kat Ryan

      hehe maybe large was a strong word. I was surprised though, that it had already DOUBLED!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Brule, you cannot go wrong there. It is just a perfect shade. You are so right, they do want you to buy more and more and more lol. Ohwell, that is part of the fun 🙂 Have a great day!!

  • Deborah Smith

    I love seeing my face with make up. Make up’s make me more confident and beautiful. And because of of this MAC eye shadows, I was able to achieve my desired make up, my desired eye shadow.

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