Bows, Bows, and More Bows


With three princesses in the castle, we have hundreds of bows. This fact did not stop Baby from announcing that she needed yet another bow. In fact, another pink bow. She did not want one of the many many pink bows that we already have, but a brand new one that is just hers. Sorry, hubby refuses to spend any more money on bows. BUT…. I can MAKE a bow. Out comes the pink yarn and the crochet hook.

Materials Needed:

  1. Yarn
  2. Crochet Hook
  3. Alligator Clip

Chain 21. This will be how long your bow is, so you can make it bigger by adding another few chains or make it smaller but taking out a few chains. Totally up to you.

 photo 1 (25)

Turn over, starting in second chain from hook double crochet across. If you are using my size, you should have 20 double stitches. Chain one

Turn over and repeat step 2 a total of 5 times.

photo 2 (24)

Tie off and sew ends into rectangle. At this point you should have a nice rectangle.

Cut off a long piece of yarn for the middle of the bow. This can be the same color as the bow, or you can mix it up a bit and choose a different yarn. Pinch your rectangle in half and tie the yarn on the pinch. I put my pinched bow in the middle of my long piece of yarn. Tie off.

 photo 3 (13)

Wrap the long ends of the yarn around the middle of the bow. And tie when you reach the ends.

photo 4 (5)

On the under side, slide your alligator clip into the “knot” of the bow. Fluff and perfect your bow.

 photo 5 (1)

So easy!! I seriously made this sitting in front of the TV, during one show. Baby was so happy to get it the next morning. And both Tink and Belle needed some too, so we ended up making all the girls new bows.

photo (23)

This was the first time that I put together a crochet tutorial. Was it easy to follow? How did your bows turn out?


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