Mod Podge Is Magic!

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Most of you know this, but it is new to me. What is this new news I found out? I have discovered this amazing stuff. Mod Podge!!! You know all the great things that you can do with it? I didn’t. I mean I have heard people talking about it, I have read to use it in tutorials, but I had never actually tried this stuff. Why you ask? Maybe I was just to lazy to go get it. Maybe I just didn’t believe it worked how it said. Who knows, but for whatever reason I didn’t buy this stuff.ย Well, I finally got off my butt and bought some of this magical concoction that everyone is bragging about. I must say, I am shocked, and awed, and loving this glue. All for one very easy use of this.

Tink and Belle love, and I mean love puzzles. They do them often and are very proud of when they complete one. They call everyone to come and see them. But then what? Time to take it apart and put it back into the box. This always results in tears. And lots of tears, questions as to why can’t the puzzle stay just a bit longer (never mind they completed it on the kitchen/dining table and dinner is ready). Always a huge ordeal. I have developed a love/hate relationship when the girls do them. On the upside, they are quiet, entertained, and will hold their attention for hours, but the tears, the whining are coming.

Did you know, that you can paint this Mod Podge stuff on the puzzle and it holds the puzzle together? Like forever. You can then hang a puzzle. Mind Blown!! Tink and Belle are in heaven. They then put together all their puzzles to have me Mod Podge them all to hang on their walls.

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How do you do this, you might ask? It is beyond easy.
Materials Needed:

  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Puzzle

Step 1- Complete your puzzle
Step 2- Dip paint brush into Mod Podge
Step 3- Paint entire puzzle, focusing on where the pieces connect
Step 4- Wait for it to dry (it will dry completely clear), flip over and paint other side.
Step 5- Optional- repeat steps 2-4 to have two coats

That is it!! Saved countless tears, and the girls now have a wall full of puzzles that they have completed. What is your favorite use for Mod Podge? How else can I use this amazing, magical stuff?


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