Eyes… Its All About the Eyes

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Our eyes are some of our most attractive parts of our face. Yes having a great completion is noticeable, yes have high cheek bones are said to show beauty, yes having a full lips will get you noticed. But lets be honest, its all about the eyes. They show our soul, they show our emotions, they can get someone’s attention across a full room. So what are some quick easy things you can do to make those beautiful eyes pop?

  • Conceal any dark circles under your eyes. They will make you look tired, and older then you are (no body wants that). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. (I found this at the drugstore and will have a full review on it later this week)
  • Line your eyes. I like a black liner, with olive skin and dark hair I can pull it off in the daytime; even though all the “experts” say it is to harsh. I like to line my waterline (the little ledge around your eyes) with a black pencil. If this is to harsh for you, brown is a great softer alternative. You can get it in a range of shades, everything from a very light sand/beige to a dark brown black. Pick whatever shade you like. Lining your eyes will give them definition making them stand out. There are pencils, gels, liquid there are lots of options. Want to know the benefits/perks of each, check out here.
  • Curl your lashes!!! There is a lot of ways to do that. You can use a traditional curler, you can use a curling iron (not the kind for your hair but a heated eye lash curler), you can even use a spoon. By curling your lashes you are making them look longer, and making your eyes look bigger.
  • Last but not least a little mascara can go a long long way. It can do everything from making your lashes longer/darker to having them look fuller. See here for a post about drugstore verses designer mascaras. A great mascara can make all the difference. Again, I use a black mascara day and night. But there are awesome brown shades that are less harsh. Have red eyes, or bloodshot eyes, try a blue tinted mascara. No, you won’t be rocking overly advert blue lashes, but the blue tint will help cancel out the red in those peepers.

A few simple easy steps, can make all the difference.


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