Got Dark Circles… Banish Them!!!


I have stumbled upon the holy grail of under eye concealer. Not only is it the best that I have ever tried, it is a drugstore brand and at only $9.99 there is no reason to go get this today!

Garnier Skin Renewal Anti-Dark-Circle-Roller is by far the best under eye dark circle concealer on the market. I happened to stumble upon this at the grocery store not to long ago. My circles were so bad, due to not sleeping very well. I tried Boi-ing it was ok but not great. I tried several other options to no avail. Nothing was working, or it worked, but settled into my little lines. Making me look older then I am, not good and certainly not what I am going for.

This is an totally different type of application.¬†Instead of putting some on a brush, or patting it on; you untwist the top and roll it on under your eye. The ball for the roller is a small metal ball that is always cold. (This also helps de-puff the area) You then use a sponge and pat it into the skin. It blends seamlessly into your skin, and it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t settle into any lines. The texture is very creamy, while not runny it is very liquidy. It brightens the area and gives a soft powder finish.

I am so impressed by this. It will be hard to purchase any other under eye concealer in the future.


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