• Shimmer verses Matte MakeUp

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    There seems to be a lot of debate lately over shimmer verses matte makeup; eye shadows in particular, but it does run over into blush and lipstick too. What exactly is the difference between shimmer and matte? Shimmer has a small amount of sheen to it. Where it might look slightly wet, or have very very small specks of glitter. (Glittery makeup is something completely different all together though) As opposed to matte, which has absolutely no sheen to it. It is completely void of any reflecting light properties.  So how does this effect your makeup and your looks?

    Lots of eyeshadow lately has shimmer in it. It is very very popular and trendy at the moment. It gives a great dramatic effect, will lighten your face, and can, if not overdone, make you look younger. This is because of the light reflecting property that the shimmer has in it. I do find though, that with some shimmer eyeshadow, it settles into all those little fine lines on your eye lid. Where as a matte will be more subtle and blend more into your skin. It won’t bounce the light around, so it can’t highlight those fine lines. For me, I tend to wear the shimmer eyeshadow out at night. Light will be lower, so the shimmer will bounce off the little amounts of light. This will showcase your eyes and bring more attention to them. Also, with the lower light it won’t highlight your lines as much as in full sun light. My go to day look is mostly mattes. Soft, neutral, less is more type attitude during the day.

    You can find blush with both shimmer and matte. My personal opinion is to use shimmer on one area of your face at a time. If you are wearing shimmer eye shadow, please please please use matte for the rest of your face to avoid shimmer overload. However, during the day, when you are staying away from shimmer eye makeup, a little bit of shimmer in your blush is a wonderful thing. It will not only make you look more awake, it will perk up your entire face. Any day time blush, should have a smudge of iridescence in it.

    Lip products come in very matte lipsticks, to very shiny lip glosses. This is really more of your opinion as to what you like and what texture you want on your lips. While matte lips are incredibly sexy, glossy lips will make your look fuller. It is the exact opposite of shimmer eyeshadow though, matte lipsticks will show off ANY chaps, lines or unevenness in your lips. Making them/you look older and your lips smaller. Where as, the shiny gloss will cover over any of those imperfections. Giving your lips a full, soft, pouty look. The choice here is to decide what look you are going for and what your natural lip shape is.

    What are you thoughts on shimmery very matte makeup? What do you typically wear and why do you like it?

  • Bobbi Brown.. Uber Pink

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    Am I the only one that has been barraged with Bobbie Brown Uber Pink Collection ads? Maybe it is because all I do is look at makeup online hehe. But I have to admit, that it worked. I had been marketed to enough that now I am needing to find out what it is all about.  That, along with, the fact that my amazing Aunt FaceTimed me into her Bobbi Brown makeup party, and I got to watch how wonderful all the girls looked.

    I finally have a Bobbi Brown counter that recently opened in the mall by my house. (Sorry I don’t buy much online, just books and that needs to be a whole other blog to talk about that addiction.) It was a great day, so the girls and I thought that it was a perfect day to go play with and look at makeup. Off we went.

    It was a great, not just a counter, but a whole corner of my Dillards. There were huge screen with Katie Holmes (who can’t love that girl. I mean come on Joey was the typical girl next door that we all wanted to be) laughing, smiling, looking as beautiful and graceful as always. I was hooked.

    photo 4 (3)


    Very proud that I only picked up both the blushes of this set. They are made to wear together, so come on, how could I only get one of them… Really, you NEED them both. 🙂

    photo 3 (9)


    First we have Pink Peony. It is a VERY VERY bright pink, with Be Bold pressed into the compact. I was very intimidated with this shade. With my fair, olive skin I thought that it would be a little to Barbie-ish. With me being a mom, and not a 20-something any more, I thought that it would be to bright for me. I mean, I don’t really even like blush and this was certainly blush. But it goes on beautifully. Light, sheer, it is very pink, but nothing to harsh or bright. I was very surprised. It makes me look like I have a slight blush going on, like someone just told me a dirty joke, and I am trying not to be embarrassed by it.

    photo 2 (19)

    Next up we have Antigua. I am totally digging this color. It is a pinky, peach. My picture does not do this justice. It is just the perfect shade for my skin (and really anyone’s skin tone). It has Be Pretty stamped into the compact also, with a mirror. There is a slight, and I mean very slight, shimmer to it. It is very very light and sheer also. Once applied there is nothing that pops, it melts right into your skin. Making you look like you have a natural glow about you.

    You apply Antigua on your cheek bones, up towards your temple and along your hairline around your eye. Pink Peony goes on the apples of your cheeks blending into your check bones. Together they make you look awake, refreshed and ready to kick the days butt. It really does give you an amazing look. What do you guys think of this collection?

  • Wine Bottle, Paint and Pennies…. What??

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    What can you get with some pennies, a little paint and your left over wine bottles? An AMAZING vase of coarse.

    Materials Needed:

    • Empty Wine Bottle (don’t worry no judgements over here, we all have at least one empty wine bottle on hand at any moment)
    • Hot Glue
    • Paint
    • Paint Brush
    • Pennies.. How many depends on how high up you go on the wine bottle

    photo 1 (18)

    Step one:
    Drink wine 🙂 You need the bottle empty, then clean it out and get off all the labels. If they don’t come off perfectly that is ok they will be covered up later.

    Step two:
    Using your hot glue slowly start gluing on your pennies, starting at the bottom. It is your call as to where to start them. I started about a quarter of an inch from the bottom. You will want to glue them as close together as you can, otherwise you will either end up with an empty space or an overlap.

    photo 2 (18)

    Step three:
    Once your bottom row is on, start glueing your second row. I put my in between the pennies of the row below. But you certainly can line them up. It will give a striped look to them. (I highly recommend having some caffeine while doing this hehe)

    Step four:
    Repeat step three until you are all way up on the wine bottle. I choose to stop just below where the wine bottle starts to curve. The choice is completely up to you.

    Paint your pennies. I choose to use black and pink. This is after the first coat. I ended up needing many coats to get it all the way covered. The pink was a fail and still the pennies are showing through. I would recommend dark colors.

    photo 3 (8)


    So easy and quick!! What are your thoughts? Have you tried anything like this before? I want to see yours too.

  • Great Drugstore Lip Products

    Great Drugstore Lips


    I am a hoarder. Lets get that out into the open. I hoard lip products like no one’s business. With so many different products on the market it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth the money, and which ones you should pass on. Lucky for you, I have tried most of them and have compiled my list of favorites. This is not to say that these are the only ones that I use, or like, just these are my go to easy to find, drugstore finds that are always in my purse.

    photo 1 (16)

    Up first is Rimmel London, Kate in 113. This has a super matte, total coverage beige-y nude color. When I say total coverage, it even covers my extremely naturally pink lips without any pink seep through. This is perfect for when you are going out, and you have a very dark smokey eye. You need to have very heavy eye makeup with this, otherwise it will wash you out.

    photo 2 (16)


    Next up is Rimmel London’s 272 Frosted. This is much more of an every day lipstick (over Kate’s 113). It is still a nude, yes most of my lip colors are in the nude family. But while the other one was a full coverage matte, this one is a more pinky shimmery color. It lets your natural color show though a bit more. You can wear this with any other makeup you have going on. With the shimmer and color it will not wash you out. I have even worn this alone, as in no other makeup…. eekk

    photo 3 (6)


    We all have chapped, irritated, winter lips, these are the best chap sticks that I have found. Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses came originally as a sample in Baby’s Butt Paste package. It took me a long to get over that fact. I mean it was packaged with something called Butt Paste. But once I got over that, it was awesome. It is a bit thick, but feels wonderful on and starts soothing right away.

    My Favorite Night Balm, is a recent find from Bath and Body Works (so not necessarily drugstore purchase but I could not tell you about this). You put it on at night, right before bed. Be prepared, it is very very thick; kinda feels like you are putting on petroleum jelly. However, when you wake up in the morning, it is so worth it. It leaves your lips soft, full and perfectly kissable. Since I started using this, I am not needing an hourly dose of chap stick.

    photo 1 (17)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. It leaves a slight color, to help cancel out a bit of the pinkish that I have going on. (Seriously they are so pink) It soothes a bit, has a chap stick feel. My girls have these in just about all the colors they have. They tell daddy that it is just chap stick, not really lipstick. Making it okay for them to wear on a daily basis.

    photo 2 (17)


    So I saved the best for last, I got this as a gift for Christmas. It is a great peachy pink color, with gold shimmer. It is a perfect color to help whiten your teeth too. It is super shiny, and makes your mouth so pouty. It is a bit sticky though. However the reason that it is my favorite…….. It comes with a built in mirror AND light!!!! You push a button the top and a mini light turns on. Making reapplication in the dark a breeze. The packaging totally makes this a winner.

    photo 3 (7)

    So what is your favorite drugstore lip products? Which ones make the cut? Let me know.

  • Search Continues… Foundation

    Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation


    Day 2, my search continues. For those that have read some of the posts in the past, I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with foundation. I want coverage, but still want my freckles to show. I want it to cover all the red but still have a “my skin” feel. (See Here for all my issues with foundation) I have heard lots of things about the Rimmel line, and love some of their lipsticks so I thought that I would give it a try. At less then $7 a tube, you can’t really go wrong.

    It truly is a full coverage foundation. Covering just as well as the Clinique Better Makeup line. I was very impressed. It is really quite thick though, and a bit hard to put on with your fingers. With my foundation brush, it was much easier to work with. You only need about a pea sized amount to cover your whole face. It dried pretty quick and was completely matte. (Not a huge fan of all the “dewey” looks out there right now.) It also had amazing staying power. At the end of the day I will still covered and looking good. However, I did notice that after a few hours it did start to settle into pores and lines. So I paired it with the Baby Skin and it was a perfect fit: lasted all day and never settled.

    To be honest, it was a bit more coverage then I would want to wear on a normal mommy duty kind of day and I would not feel comfortable wearing this as an everyday foundation. But, for a night out with the girls or a date night out, it would be perfect. Even with the small size, since I am not wearing on a daily basis I think that it would last quite a while. No need to re-buy every week.

  • In Search of Drugstore Cosmetics..


    My search continues. I am in search of great drugstore makeup. There is a rumor that it exists. There is a rumor that some of it is just as good as the big, expensive brands. That you can in fact get makeup with just as good of quality for a fraction of the price. I am skeptical, but going to try to prove myself wrong. This week (yes I do realize that it is already Wednesday), I will be testing different cosmetics from all different brands. If you would like me to test out something in particular post a comment and let me know.

    Today I tried Maybelline Baby Skin. There have been lots of rave reviews on this product since it came out a few weeks ago. Going as grand as, a complete dupe of POREfessional. Wow, that is quite a claim. Plus whenever I look for it, it is sold out. Leaving a very empty sad space on the shelves. So I figured that my search had to start there.

    After finally finding one, I got home and ripped that baby open. It is a clear, gel like substance. A little goes a very long way. A pea-sized amount covered my entire face with a nice even layer. I was very surprised. It really does cover up my pores and fills in little lines (not the smile lines we all wish would go away though). It gives your face a wonderful soft silky feeling. Very similar to the effect of POREfessional. It extended the life of my foundation, and kept it from settling into any lines or pores. Just realize that all it does is cover/fill/blur pores. It does nothing for skin tone, or combating redness, or anything like that.

    For the tiny price, this is worth its weight in gold. I am very very pleased with this primer, even if it is not a complete dupe of POREfessional.


  • How Well Do You Know Your Date??



    With Valentines Day just around the corner, lots of us are getting our dates all lined up. But how well do you really know the person that is taking you out? Think this person will know not only your phone number and what you look like, but most likely where you live (if they pick you up). Today lots of people are getting their dates from internet dating sites, with that said, you don’t know very much about them. How can you check them out, before the date?

    There is a great free online source to help out with this. WWW.DirtSearch.Org is a completely free site to help you take a look into someone before you go out with them and get into a potentially dangerous situation. When you go to the site, all you need to do is enter the persons first and last name along with the state that you want to look them up in. The site will then search the internet and find all the “dirt” on that person. Anything that is public information is fair game. That can be anything from FaceBook, to Twitter, to speeding tickets, to court appearances, to homes they own. Basically anything that can be found on the internet, will be found in a single site.

    Super easy to use, fast results and best of all completely free. Go check it out. You might be surprised as to what you can find.

  • Sunday Breakfast

    photo (14)

    For us, Sunday means lazy family pajama day. What is better then a lazy family pajama day? Starting that day with French Toast, of coarse. This is a go to staple in my house, super easy to make and pretty hard to mess up. Today, we did a pretty straight forward French Toast, but on special occasions I will coat them in corn flakes before putting them on the griddle. Hope that you are a having a fantastic  Sunday as well.

    PS- Tomorrow is another Monday Morning MakeUp Linky Party!!! I am hoping that you all pop by and post something of yours! 

  • Groundhog Day is Tomorrow!!

    groundhog day

    What is February 2? Groundhog Day!! Well then, what exactly is Groundhog Day? What a great question. Groundhog day is celebrated in Canada and here in the United States. We sit and watch to see if when Phil the groundhog will see his shadow when he comes out of his burrow. Our tradition states that if he doesn’t see his shadow, he will come out of his burrow and this will start spring. However, if he does see his see his shadow and go back into his borrow, then we will have 6 more weeks of winter.

    To help you celebrate this yearly tradition. I have attached some fun coloring sheets- groundhog, spring (if he comes out) and winter (if he goes back in).






    penguin printable coloring pages

    (and a penguin because penguins are cute) Are you hoping that he comes out to start spring and end our arctic winter. Or for a few parts in our country are we hoping that he goes back into his burrow so hopefully we can have a bit of a winter? Either way, have a great Groundhog Day!

    PS- Monday will be here before you know it. What does that mean? It is our weekly Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Linky Party!! Be sure to stop by and see what everyone has been up to, and link up something that you have done. Anything beauty related (nails, makeup, hair, skincare, fashion) is what this party will be dedicated to. All you have to do is come here, and click on the blue button to link up. So easy, see some really great blogs and get a few new bloggers to see yours. I am so looking forward to seeing you all there. 


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