• Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #8

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #8

    So happy to have a great week last week. Finally back to somewhat of our normal schedule. The girls got their report cards back for their third quarter. Tink got straight A’s again, and Belle was able to pull her grades up from last quarter to mostly A’s. Very proud mama over here.

    Last week, we had amazing posts. I was so excited and inspired looking at everyone’s links. There were some great blogs that came to party. Be sure that you click to see what everyone is up to, you might find some new blogs to follow.

    The features from last week are:

    mmmm7 feature 1

    Makeup Monday:
    Spring Nail Polish
    Was the feature for the most click throughs!!

    mmmm7 feature 2

    Edgy and Easy Spring
    Coral Look
    This was my favorite last week. Love the black cuff!!

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  • Friday Fashion- Date Night

    photo 1 (36)

    I am LOVING this outfit. A wonderful mix of sexy, a little punk and still well covered. Not that I mind showing off some leg or other areas, but since the hubby was taking me on a business outing, that would not be to appropriate. The overlay is hard to see the details, so here is it up against the window so you can see all the details.

    photo 2 (36)

    • Shirt– This is by far my new favorite item to my wardrobe. It is a great multi use piece. (I was able to wear it with jeans the other day so keep an eye out for that outfit. So fun!!). This was sent to me by Madonna & Co, I did a post on them not to long ago. If you missed it you can find it here. It is a mix of sheer and lace, with a corset style tie up back. The top is loose and is made to move and swing as you move. So much fun; a little bit of edge while still being feminine and professional.
    • Under- Not sure what to call that lol. This piece can be worn with just a bra underneath if you are really bold, and trying to make a statement. As a mom, that is not the example that I set, so I wore it with a black tank (see I promised you last week, that this is a staple in my wardrobe lol) and a small black skirt. This skirt is a stretchy cotton material, very plain so it matches everything. It was a last season find at Ross for about $3.00. Score!! I liked how the shirt and the skirt were different lengths, giving it a stacked look. With it still being a bit chilly, I did wear some black tights with this. However, once summer hits, I am looking forward to wearing this without them.
    • Shoes– With this being all black, and a bit of edge, I wanted to change up the color of my shoe while staying with the edge look. I went with my buckle up silver boots. They look great, high high heel, but man they are not made walking. Sometimes beauty is pain, and this pair proved that point.
    • Accessories- With this outfit, I didn’t do any accessories. Thought that the edginess was enough to carry it on its own. I did however do big hair (used a curling wand, and had a big poof when I pinned my bangs back) and a very classic black smokey eye. (Fun that I just did a post on never having a place to wear that to, and then one popped up) It polished the look and pulled everything together.

    What are your thoughts? Would you wear something like this out and about? Let me know your thoughts!

  • The Fall- Cosmetics To Go…. Part 2

    lush ctg

    The Phoenix is a fascinating bird. It is said that this bird will catch on fire, and burn to nothing but ashes. Once there is no life or anything left of this creature, that it will rise again. Out of the ashes will be born a new stronger bird. All great phoenix stories, have to start with an epic fail or death. And without the failure of Cosmetics-To-Go, we would never have the amazing company that is Lush.

    In 1977 the first company was born. Constantine & Weir was formed by Liz Weir and Mark Constantine. Liz was a beautician and Mark was a visionary obsessed with natural/herbal hair and scalp treatments. When Mo (Mark’s wife) would come home from work, her and Mark would stay up late working on different concoctions. They opened a small shop in Poole, and while money was tight they were growing and the three of them were happy.

    Around the same time, a little store was beginning to emerge as well. You might recognize it: The Body Shop. Very quickly The Body Shop became Constantine & Weir’s largest client. Within a few years, it was not enough to just be their client. The Body Shop offered to buy Constantine & Weir for a small price of nine million pounds, to be paid over the coarse of three years. Liz and Mark signed the deal. The only condition of the sale, is that they were not allowed to open any retail stores that would compete with The Body Shop.

    The solution: open a mail order company. On Feb 29, 1988 Cosmetics-To-Go is born. At the time typical mail orders would take 28-32 days to deliver once you placed the order.  Mark and Liz set up to have items turned around in a far quicker time frame. They were on top of the world. With problems of: to many orders, clients loving the product to much, having to hire more staff.

    While this seems like great problems to have, certainly the signs of a booming business, they ran into issues of: longer ship times, getting orders wrong, or not shipping orders at all. They began to over compensate their inventory shortage, by hiring extra staff to produce stock around the clock. They began to stock up for Christmas time. However, the orders started to slow. Clients were worried about not getting their presents in time for Christmas, or at all. The last payment from The Body Shop, was late. And fear that it was not coming was beginning to set in. To help save money, the company would turn off the heat system at night. Every penny that could be saved would be.

    Up on the top floor a small radiator sat, harmless really. And up there it was forgotten about. Christmas night, the temperature dropped lower enough to kick on this tiny little radiator. Late that night, Mark got a phone call saying that the alarms at Cosmetics-To-Go were going off, and water was seeping out the front door. He made a few frantic calls, and rushed to the factory.

    Normally the happy and upbeat workplace, looked like it was crying. There was water everywhere, on every floor. Everything was ruined. While it did not set itself on fire and burn to the ground, Cosmetics-To-Go simply drown. There was nothing to save. Mark and Liz left their crying factory, closed the front doors behind them. Never to be opened again. Cosmetics-To-Go was over.

    Be sure to check back next Thursday, to find out how the Phoenix rose into the beautiful strong company that we know today.

  • Super Easy Daytime Smokey Eye

    photo 3 (17)

    Yesterday I wrote about what exactly a smokey eye is. (If you missed it, you should check it out here) Today, I thought that we would use that technique for a daytime look. Something really light and pretty for spring. It will give you a fresh face look, with the effects of a smokey eye without all the harshness.

    I am going to use the Naked 2 pallet. While this is not my favorite pallet, it has come great colors. We are going to use: Foxy, Chopper, Tease and BootyCall. A black kohl eye pencil and some mascara.

    photo 1 (35)

    Line both upper and lower waterlines with the black pencil.

    Apply Foxy all over lid: from lash line to eyebrow. This is serve as a base.

    Apply Tease only in your crease. Start with the outer corner and move inwards. You will want to take the color about two thirds of the way across the crease.

    Apply Chopper to out corner of eye. From lash line to crease. Be sure not to go above crease. You can take this color in as far as your want. I typically take it in between 1/3 and 1/2 of my eye lid, moving from the outer corner towards the inner corner.

    Apply BootyCall just above the crease. This will help blend any sharp lines, as well as, blend the darker colors.

    Last but not least, curl your eye lashes and apply mascara.

    Super fast and easy look. Let me know how you like it, or what other color combinations that you use out of this pallet. I am super exited to share with you a look that I use with suspect/snakebite and with YDK/Busted. While I have other makeup favorites, this pallet is without a doubt growing on me.

  • What Is A Smokey Eye?


    When you think of a smokey eye, do you think of the heavy black eyeshadow with lots of black liner all around the eye? That is what I always thought of. I LOVE this look: it is so sexy, mysterious, powerful. However, I have absolutely no where to wear this to. With the smokey eye so popular, I had to find out exactly what was involved with look so I could come up with an every day version that will be less harsh and dramatic.

    Well it turns out, the smokey eye has nothing to do with the actual colors used (although black is the most popular). It is all about the technique. This is great news. Why? Because since it is just a technique, you can adjust it to fit ANY look. You can use light colors for daytime, you can use neutrals, you can use any color you choose. So now, what is the technique?

    It is far easier then you think. The basics of the smokey eye: have your darkest colors close to the lash line and the outer corner of your eye. Then blend it into the lightest shade on your inner eye. Thats it. Super simple. You can now do a trendy smokey eye, with your everyday look.

    Personally, I love this look. Once you master it (and it is much easier then it sounds), it looks wonderful. Stayed tuned tomorrow for a simple, light, daytime smokey eye.

    Image source

  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #7

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness!!
    Party #7

    How was everyone’s weekend? Did you get to do something fun? We were finally able to relax a bit. That might sound pretty boring, but for us it was perfect. We have had a rough couple of weeks, being able to enjoy a family dinner (we normally sit down as a family every night, but with everything going on it had been a few weeks since we were able to) and some snuggly tv time with the girls was exactly what we need. All refreshed and ready to tackle another week. But before we really get back into a new week, I think a good party is in order.

    Lets start with my feature from last week:

    Feature 1

    Wedding MakeUp Trial:
    Our Every Day Life

    Then there is the link up with the most click throughs:

    Feature 2

    Monday MakeUp:
    Beauty Under 10

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  • Fashion Friday- Everyday Mommy Look

    photo (27)

    What do you wear on your mommy days? I tend to fall into a jean and tee rut. This is what I typically wear on a regular mommy day. Jeans, a black tank and some ballet flats.

    • Miss Me Jeans– These are one of those items that I saw the price tag on and thought there is no way that I would pay that for a pair of jeans. I mean, how can a $100 pair of pants be that much better then my $20 Old Navy pair? Its not like I can afford to have a closet full of designer jeans. But then I tried them on. They make a HUGE difference and completely worth every penny. Not only do they make me look taller (which is good at my 5 foot 2 inch height), they make me look thinner but they make my butt look amazing. I know that might be way to much information, but it looks higher, perkier, and rounder. No more mom butt in these!!! I only have the one pair, so you will see them in many more posts. But I am pinching and saving trying to get enough saved to buy another pair, so maybe in the near future there will be another pair to post about lol.
    • Black Tank Top-  Typically I wear a black tank. Black is a slimming color, plus it matches everything. So you can wear just about any accessory with it. You can add a splash of any color. Plus, with wearing a simple outfit, people will notice you more (your hair, your makeup, your eyes) not just the outfit. The black tank is my go to item, yes I get teased for it from my very close friends. But I always look pulled together in a “Oh I don’t have to try hard to look this fabulous” kind of way.
    • Ballet Flats- Running around after three kids, heels is just not a practical shoe choice. While I would LOVE to be the mom always in heels, I just can’t pull it off everyday. With ballet flats, while not heels, looks a little more polished then just the regular sneakers. I have had this pair for years, sorry that they are a bit scruffy looking. But with everyday wear, they have certainly held up.
    • Scarf- Scarfs are so fun to play with. They add a splash of color, draw attention away from other areas (IE my mommy pouch that is left there after three kids), and are just fun. I found this one at World Market and instantly fell in love. With the light pink it adds a bit of girly flare. Which I just adore.
    • Bracelets- Like the scarf, bracelets add some flare. I don’t go anywhere without my Nike Fuel Band. It really helps me keep track of my activity. Not that ANY mom just gets to sit at home eating bon bons all day. (If one of you moms is like that, please let me know how you did it) It just helps me keep active when all I want to do is be lazy. Last but certainly not least, the famous rubber band bracelets. Anyone else’s daughters make these? My girls got to meet the wonderful daughters of KC (go check out her blog, she is simply amazing) this last winter, and they introduced my daughters to the “Rainbow Loom”. My girls are now hooked and make dozens (yes I said dozens) a day. We have agreed that Mommy (and daddy, and auntie, and mormor, and everyone else) will wear them, but only three at a time. KC I love that your girls gave my girls a great hobby that they love, and kinda hate ya at the same time for this great hobby that they love. HEHE 🙂

    So that is my go to day look when I have the girls with me. How about you? What is your go to look? Are you a jeans and a tee kind of girl or are you a mommy that gets all dressed up every day?

  • Penguins Can’t Fly

    photo 3 (16)

    Who doesn’t love penguins. Let’s be honest, there is nothing cuter then a little baby penguin. So when I saw this book, I had to buy it. For the girls of coarse, not for my huge hoard of penguin stuff. I really wasn’t expecting much from the book; I got it cause it was penguins and has a really cute cover.

    photo 1 (34)

    After reading this, I am totally in love with this book. It is about two little boy penguins. They have known each other since they were eggs. Even though they have been best friends their entire lives, they are very different penguins. Billy was a rough and tumble type of penguin; and Quentin liked to know things. They both have their own challenges to over come in this book. Billy gets caught out in a snow storm and Quentin learns that penguins can’t fly. With each others help and friendship, they are able to over come their obstacles.

    photo 2 (34)

    Such an adorable book. Themes of: friendship and thinking outside the box. While the story line is not missing anything, the illustrations are what make this book. Every page is beautiful, with lots of colors and gorgeous details. I won’t spoil the book by giving away any more, but it is worth the read.

    Penguins Can’t Fly
    Written By: Katherine Sully
    Illustrated by: Rebecca Elliot


  • Every Day MakeUp Look

    photo 2 (32)

    How do you do your makeup everyday? For the days when you are just running errands, grocery store, bank, kids activities. Is it the same every day? Do you like to change it up? I thought that I would start a weekly post about the makeup that I am using that gives you some ideas; from everyday mommy makeup, to going out makeup, to black tie/formal makeup looks. If this is something that you guys like and want to hear more of, let me know 🙂

    So here is my go to, I only have a few moments to get made up, going to be in mommy mode for the day, look. Well it is one of the many, I get bored easily and don’t like my makeup to look the same every day. So it is my go to today look hehe.

    Items Used:

    • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation
    • Baby Face Primer
    • Kohl Eyeliner in Green
    • MAC Eyeshadows in: Hoodwinked, Brule, and Omega
    • Bobbi Brown Blush/Bronzer in Antigua
    • BellaPierre Lipgloss in Chocolate Creme
    • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

    photo 1 (33)


    1. Apply pea sized amount of Baby Face Primer all over face, focusing on problem areas.
    2. Shake out small amount of mineral powder from container, dip brush into it and shake off excess. Apply on face using big circular motions. Continue until you have desired coverage.
    3. Using a blush brush (say that ten times fast lol) apply blush to your cheek bones up to your hair line. More on how to apply blush coming in the next few days.

    photo 2 (33)


    1. Using the Kohl pencil, line your lower lash waterline.
    2. Apply Brule all over eyelid, from lash line to brow.
    3. Apply Hookwinked from lash line to crease. Be careful not to go above the lash line. It is your call, you can cover the entire football shape of this area. I normally go from the outside corner of my eye and blend inwards about two thirds of the way.
    4. Apply Omega to your crease and slightly above it.
    5. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

    photo 1 (32)


    1. Apply lipgloss to both upper and lower lips

    You are done. Not to hard, and doesn’t take forever. What do you think? What is your go to look?


  • Amazing Drugstore Find….. Foundation

    almay smart shade

    Recently I bought Clinique’s Better Then Makeup foundation, to say I was disappointed is an understatement. It was expensive, it settled into my pores and lines, it was the wrong color (after having them match my skin), and made me look older. Just over all wrong. After this experience I swore off liquid foundation. I decided it was not my friend and I was not its.

    HOWEVER, after seeing so many commercials about Almay’s Smart Shade- Skin Tone Matching MakeUp (wow that is a mouth full) I was so intrigued. How in the world can a makeup change color to “natural tones and textures to intuitively transform to your skin tone”? With only three colors: light, light/medium, and medium; it seems easy to pick a color to match your skin. None of this trying to decide if you have warm/neutral/cool undertones, none of this trying to see what the difference is between two colors through a bottle. Just simply: Are you light, light/medium, or medium? I can handle that.

    I choose the light/medium shade. That part was easy, I am not completely fair and have some olive in my color. Took it home and forgot about it. Oops!! But, when I remembered that I had this, I tried it immediately. To be completely honest, it was not anything that I expected. I put about the size of a pea on the back of my hand, and stared at it for a bit. It was completely white, with a few tan and brown color beads. Very cautiously I used my foundation brush to pick up some product and stipple (dab) it on my skin. As expected it went on white. Then something amazing happened. When I went to blend it in, it started to change color. It actually matched my skin exactly.

    Not only did it match my skin color perfectly, it really did match my texture too. It looked like my skin, but way better. It covered my lines and pores. It is a full coverage foundation, so it covered all of my freckles and little red splotches. It is seriously way better then all of the more expensive products that I have tried. My face looked flawless, smooth and airbrushed. Without any makeup look. Impressed does not even cover what I think of this.

    So the million dollar question: How does it work? The honest answer: I have no freaking idea lol. And I am okay with that. This will be a staple in my makeup bag for years to come!!


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