Lipgloss… Love It or Hate It?

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We all have that item, that one item that we just want to love. For one reason or another we don’t. Or we do but on very limited terms. For me that single item is lipgloss.

I want to love it. Every time that I walk by the racks upon racks of lip glosses at Sephora, or Ulta, or any othe department store makeup counters. I long over them. I sigh heavily as I turn away help for eager sales reps. What is it about this that is so uneasy for me? I mean you can get it in any color, from very light to a very dark, the options there are endless. It is pretty and shiny. It makes your mouth look amazing. The one item that holds me back from buying each and every one that I walk by….. Stickiness. You never know, until you get home, if it will be sticky on your lips.

I am not sure about you, but I cannot handle the stickiness. It just…. quite simply… drives me crazy. Then I am walking around all day smacking my lips. It even makes it hard to talk. Maybe there are people out there that like the sticky feeling, there has to be since so many brands out there are sticky. But I for one, am not. I thought that any hope of me being able to rock pretty lip glosses was over. That I was doomed to just wear chap stick and call it good-enough. (Who really likes good-enough? Especially when it comes to your looks.)

Then something magical happened. BellaPierre ran a sale on their lip gloss line. I thought, what the heck? It is not to expensive, the colors look pretty. And if they are sticky, I will give them to Tink and Belle. And in return, they will give me mommy of the year award. I got a few; Chocolate Cream, Pink Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Very Berry and Raspberry. Have to admit, I am in love with these!! They are super pigmented, to the point of competing with lipsticks. They are ultra moisturizing. They are shiny, but not over the top looking like you spilled oil on your mouth. They make even my thin lip look fuller. AND they are not sticky at all!!

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Chocolate Cream is by far my favorite. It is a light beige nude. With the amount of pigmentation it is a true nude that looks amazing on. I have had lots of skin shades try this, and it has looks amazing on everyone. Major plus, it actually tastes like chocolate. My husband liked this one the best too.

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Vanilla Pink is my runner up shade. It is a very light beige-pink. While I normally do not like pink, this is a great understated color. Even on my pink lips it does not go to that barbie shade that so many go to. It is actually pretty close to my natural shade, so it just gives it a pretty pick me up with a good dose of shine.

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Bubble Gum has to be my least favorite. It is the classic, hot pink barbie color. Honestly, I think that I am just a smidgen to old to pull off this shade. However, all my girls LOVED it (for each of them, not me). It is a really fun spring color. They all looked great in it. So it was donated to the girls collection.

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Very Berry also was not a shade that I fell in love with. It is a bright pink as well, but with a bit of orange to it. So very very trendy for this spring. Again it is not a shade that I would wear often, or ever if I am going to be completely honest. Once again though, Tink and Belle LOVED it, and very graciously offered to take it off my hands for me.

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Lastly we have Raspberry. This has mixed reviews. It is a dark wine color. It is something that I never (and I mean never) wear. I am all about the light colors, the nude colors. This, this is not anywhere close to that and I liked it!! It is perfect for going out and with a very simple eye. My husband on the other hand, is not a fan.

Over all I am pretty happy. I really liked three out of the five, and the other two found good homes with my girls. So how about you? Are you a lipgloss girl, or what other item would you love to love?



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