My Love Affair With Lush… Part 1

lush vancouver

Have you ever fallen in love with a product, or product line? Then found out about the company and fallen even more for how great the company is? For me that is Lush.

My dad often summers in Vancouver Canada, and like a lot of parents when he comes back from a trip he would bring back little gifts for me and my sister. One year, many many years ago, he brought me back this fantastic smelling pretty package. I was so intrigued; it was bright, colorful, decorated with pure happiness is the only way to describe this box. I will never forget how that packaged looked. Before I was able to open it, he told me a little story.

“I was walking around downtown Vancouver, looking everywhere for something for you. I looked in high end stores, I looked at purses, and leather jackets. I looked at jewelry and clothes. For once in your life, I was going to come, after being gone for the entire summer, empty handed. There was nothing that was saying, “Buy me!! I am perfect for Kat!!” Then I smelled it. The most amazing smell, drifting along the breeze. It was sweet, and spicy. It was like nothing I had ever smelt before, so I followed it. I tracked down the source of this intoxicating aroma. And there was this tiny little bath shop. I went inside and it was set up much like a farmers market. Full of baskets of soaps, lotions, bubble bars, and these balls called a bath bomb. I knew that I had found the perfect gift. This was saying “Buy me!!! I am perfect for Kat.” He went a head and purchased my gift. The amazing staff at Lush not only helped to pick out the items in this package, but wrapped it up so pretty right there in the shop.

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Sitting in my hands was that gift. I could smell it through the wrapping. Eagerly, but very gently as to not actually hurt the wrapping, I opened it. Inside, nestled in colorful straw I saw four round balls. Each a different color; one pink, one yellow, one blue and the last green. Each a different smell. My daddy went ahead to tell me that they were called bath bombs. I was to drop one in my bath and see what happens.

I was beyond excited. That night as I was running a bath, I dropped the pink one in. It started to fizz and bubble. The water in my bath changed from clear, to a light pink, to an incredibly dark sexy pink color. Then as the bomb started to get towards the end, it started releasing pink flower (rose to be exact) petals into the tub. By the time that the bomb was out, my bath was pink, full of rose petals, and smelled amazing (rose, champagne, with a hint of spice). After getting in I noticed that it was full of salt and oil. My skin has never known such luxury. I smelled like that bath until I went to sleep that night, and even still hinted of it in the morning. I was hooked. I knew that this was going to be a lifelong love. Every year I looked forward to when my daddy came home, and would bring me a package from Lush.

Stick with me every Thursday as we explore this amazing company: their first company that failed, the birth of Lush, their stance on animal rights, their bath products and their new cosmetic (but not really) line. I invite you to fall in Lush, just like I did.




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