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*This is a sponsored post but it is completely my opinion*

This great little shop came across my email last week, and I am so excited to share it with you. Madonna and Co is a great high end boutique in New York City. What I was really drawn to, is the fact that this is a family business. And yes their real legal name is Madonna. That is totally fun. It is an aunt and niece working together, designing most of their pieces. They do work with some amazing other designers from time to time, to get some fresh ideas into their store. Their mission is to create ageless pieces, that you will be able to wear when you are 20 and when you are 60. Their pieces are feminine, sophisticated and a bit edgy; it is not just fashion but a piece of art. Making items one of kind, and truly celebrating YOU. While the clothes are amazing, they are a bit out of this stay at home mommy’s budget. (But sigh and drool for a moment over this amazing little black dress)

madonna and co (4)


For a big birthday, we will leave the number off of it, my mother got me a white gold Swarovski Crystal bracelet that I have fallen in love with. So when I saw that Madonna and Co also had Swarovski Crystal jewelry I was hooked. How gorgeous is this necklace?? What I love is that while it would look amazing with a little black dress with a plunging neck line; it would just as great with jeans, a black tank, and a pair of heels. Talk about a pretty versatile piece. (Hint Hint husband of mine… This would look great wrapped up for a birthday present hehe)

madonna and co (1)

So while I was drooling over this necklace, I also stumbled across some bracelets. Cause, I mean a necklace is great, but you really need the whole set. How charming is this charm bracelet? Again you can wear all dressed up, making it the cherry on top or just out and about.

madonna and co (2)

This one, is my favorite piece. I love the mix of leather and crystal, talk about sophisticated punk. Again, you can wear it all dressed up, bringing some attitude to your traditional little black dress attire. Personally though, I would wear it with my jeans and a black tee. (Are you starting to notice a trend in what I wear hehe) It would really bring that look up a notch. You can still be in “mommy-mode”, in your jeans. Running around with the kids. But instead of just being mom, you will look stylish and a little more put together.

madonna and co (3)

They do a great job at mixing everyday wear with a sophisticated flare pulling your outfit all together. What are your favorite pieces? Is this something that you would wear; and with what? Let me know what your thoughts are.


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