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almay smart shade

Recently I bought Clinique’s Better Then Makeup foundation, to say I was disappointed is an understatement. It was expensive, it settled into my pores and lines, it was the wrong color (after having them match my skin), and made me look older. Just over all wrong. After this experience I swore off liquid foundation. I decided it was not my friend and I was not its.

HOWEVER, after seeing so many commercials about Almay’s Smart Shade- Skin Tone Matching MakeUp (wow that is a mouth full) I was so intrigued. How in the world can a makeup change color to “natural tones and textures to intuitively transform to your skin tone”? With only three colors: light, light/medium, and medium; it seems easy to pick a color to match your skin. None of this trying to decide if you have warm/neutral/cool undertones, none of this trying to see what the difference is between two colors through a bottle. Just simply: Are you light, light/medium, or medium? I can handle that.

I choose the light/medium shade. That part was easy, I am not completely fair and have some olive in my color. Took it home and forgot about it. Oops!! But, when I remembered that I had this, I tried it immediately. To be completely honest, it was not anything that I expected. I put about the size of a pea on the back of my hand, and stared at it for a bit. It was completely white, with a few tan and brown color beads. Very cautiously I used my foundation brush to pick up some product and stipple (dab) it on my skin. As expected it went on white. Then something amazing happened. When I went to blend it in, it started to change color. It actually matched my skin exactly.

Not only did it match my skin color perfectly, it really did match my texture too. It looked like my skin, but way better. It covered my lines and pores. It is a full coverage foundation, so it covered all of my freckles and little red splotches. It is seriously way better then all of the more expensive products that I have tried. My face looked flawless, smooth and airbrushed. Without any makeup look. Impressed does not even cover what I think of this.

So the million dollar question: How does it work? The honest answer: I have no freaking idea lol. And I am okay with that. This will be a staple in my makeup bag for years to come!!


  • KC @ The Real Thing with the Coake Family

    I need to give this a try. I just went to the MAC counter and got their foundation. They put it on for me, but as the day wore on, it seemed that it settled and I felt like it made me look older. I’ll try it one more day, because they also put on more than I normally wear, but I was disappointed…and feeling old. Boo! Maybe this would be a solution.

    • Kat Ryan

      Oh I hear ya! I have the hardest time matching my skin, even when I go to the makeup counters. This stuff was not very expensive (compared to Bobbi Brown or MAC) and it honestly worked!! I may never buy expensive foundation again 🙂


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