Penguins Can’t Fly

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Who doesn’t love penguins. Let’s be honest, there is nothing cuter then a little baby penguin. So when I saw this book, I had to buy it. For the girls of coarse, not for my huge hoard of penguin stuff. I really wasn’t expecting much from the book; I got it cause it was penguins and has a really cute cover.

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After reading this, I am totally in love with this book. It is about two little boy penguins. They have known each other since they were eggs. Even though they have been best friends their entire lives, they are very different penguins. Billy was a rough and tumble type of penguin; and Quentin liked to know things. They both have their own challenges to over come in this book. Billy gets caught out in a snow storm and Quentin learns that penguins can’t fly. With each others help and friendship, they are able to over come their obstacles.

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Such an adorable book. Themes of: friendship and thinking outside the box. While the story line is not missing anything, the illustrations are what make this book. Every page is beautiful, with lots of colors and gorgeous details. I won’t spoil the book by giving away any more, but it is worth the read.

Penguins Can’t Fly
Written By: Katherine Sully
Illustrated by: Rebecca Elliot




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