Fashion Friday- Everyday Mommy Look

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What do you wear on your mommy days? I tend to fall into a jean and tee rut. This is what I typically wear on a regular mommy day. Jeans, a black tank and some ballet flats.

  • Miss Me Jeans– These are one of those items that I saw the price tag on and thought there is no way that I would pay that for a pair of jeans. I mean, how can a $100 pair of pants be that much better then my $20 Old Navy pair? Its not like I can afford to have a closet full of designer jeans. But then I tried them on. They make a HUGE difference and completely worth every penny. Not only do they make me look taller (which is good at my 5 foot 2 inch height), they make me look thinner but they make my butt look amazing. I know that might be way to much information, but it looks higher, perkier, and rounder. No more mom butt in these!!! I only have the one pair, so you will see them in many more posts. But I am pinching and saving trying to get enough saved to buy another pair, so maybe in the near future there will be another pair to post about lol.
  • Black Tank Top-  Typically I wear a black tank. Black is a slimming color, plus it matches everything. So you can wear just about any accessory with it. You can add a splash of any color. Plus, with wearing a simple outfit, people will notice you more (your hair, your makeup, your eyes) not just the outfit. The black tank is my go to item, yes I get teased for it from my very close friends. But I always look pulled together in a “Oh I don’t have to try hard to look this fabulous” kind of way.
  • Ballet Flats- Running around after three kids, heels is just not a practical shoe choice. While I would LOVE to be the mom always in heels, I just can’t pull it off everyday. With ballet flats, while not heels, looks a little more polished then just the regular sneakers. I have had this pair for years, sorry that they are a bit scruffy looking. But with everyday wear, they have certainly held up.
  • Scarf- Scarfs are so fun to play with. They add a splash of color, draw attention away from other areas (IE my mommy pouch that is left there after three kids), and are just fun. I found this one at World Market and instantly fell in love. With the light pink it adds a bit of girly flare. Which I just adore.
  • Bracelets- Like the scarf, bracelets add some flare. I don’t go anywhere without my Nike Fuel Band. It really helps me keep track of my activity. Not that ANY mom just gets to sit at home eating bon bons all day. (If one of you moms is like that, please let me know how you did it) It just helps me keep active when all I want to do is be lazy. Last but certainly not least, the famous rubber band bracelets. Anyone else’s daughters make these? My girls got to meet the wonderful daughters of KC (go check out her blog, she is simply amazing) this last winter, and they introduced my daughters to the “Rainbow Loom”. My girls are now hooked and make dozens (yes I said dozens) a day. We have agreed that Mommy (and daddy, and auntie, and mormor, and everyone else) will wear them, but only three at a time. KC I love that your girls gave my girls a great hobby that they love, and kinda hate ya at the same time for this great hobby that they love. HEHE 🙂

So that is my go to day look when I have the girls with me. How about you? What is your go to look? Are you a jeans and a tee kind of girl or are you a mommy that gets all dressed up every day?


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