What Is A Smokey Eye?


When you think of a smokey eye, do you think of the heavy black eyeshadow with lots of black liner all around the eye? That is what I always thought of. I LOVE this look: it is so sexy, mysterious, powerful. However, I have absolutely no where to wear this to. With the smokey eye so popular, I had to find out exactly what was involved with look so I could come up with an every day version that will be less harsh and dramatic.

Well it turns out, the smokey eye has nothing to do with the actual colors used (although black is the most popular). It is all about the technique. This is great news. Why? Because since it is just a technique, you can adjust it to fit ANY look. You can use light colors for daytime, you can use neutrals, you can use any color you choose. So now, what is the technique?

It is far easier then you think. The basics of the smokey eye: have your darkest colors close to the lash line and the outer corner of your eye. Then blend it into the lightest shade on your inner eye. Thats it. Super simple. You can now do a trendy smokey eye, with your everyday look.

Personally, I love this look. Once you master it (and it is much easier then it sounds), it looks wonderful. Stayed tuned tomorrow for a simple, light, daytime smokey eye.

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