Super Easy Daytime Smokey Eye

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Yesterday I wrote about what exactly a smokey eye is. (If you missed it, you should check it out here) Today, I thought that we would use that technique for a daytime look. Something really light and pretty for spring. It will give you a fresh face look, with the effects of a smokey eye without all the harshness.

I am going to use the Naked 2 pallet. While this is not my favorite pallet, it has come great colors. We are going to use: Foxy, Chopper, Tease and BootyCall. A black kohl eye pencil and some mascara.

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Line both upper and lower waterlines with the black pencil.

Apply Foxy all over lid: from lash line to eyebrow. This is serve as a base.

Apply Tease only in your crease. Start with the outer corner and move inwards. You will want to take the color about two thirds of the way across the crease.

Apply Chopper to out corner of eye. From lash line to crease. Be sure not to go above crease. You can take this color in as far as your want. I typically take it in between 1/3 and 1/2 of my eye lid, moving from the outer corner towards the inner corner.

Apply BootyCall just above the crease. This will help blend any sharp lines, as well as, blend the darker colors.

Last but not least, curl your eye lashes and apply mascara.

Super fast and easy look. Let me know how you like it, or what other color combinations that you use out of this pallet. I am super exited to share with you a look that I use with suspect/snakebite and with YDK/Busted. While I have other makeup favorites, this pallet is without a doubt growing on me.


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