Friday Fashion- Date Night

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I am LOVING this outfit. A wonderful mix of sexy, a little punk and still well covered. Not that I mind showing off some leg or other areas, but since the hubby was taking me on a business outing, that would not be to appropriate. The overlay is hard to see the details, so here is it up against the window so you can see all the details.

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  • Shirt– This is by far my new favorite item to my wardrobe. It is a great multi use piece. (I was able to wear it with jeans the other day so keep an eye out for that outfit. So fun!!). This was sent to me by Madonna & Co, I did a post on them not to long ago. If you missed it you can find it here. It is a mix of sheer and lace, with a corset style tie up back. The top is loose and is made to move and swing as you move. So much fun; a little bit of edge while still being feminine and professional.
  • Under- Not sure what to call that lol. This piece can be worn with just a bra underneath if you are really bold, and trying to make a statement. As a mom, that is not the example that I set, so I wore it with a black tank (see I promised you last week, that this is a staple in my wardrobe lol) and a small black skirt. This skirt is a stretchy cotton material, very plain so it matches everything. It was a last season find at Ross for about $3.00. Score!! I liked how the shirt and the skirt were different lengths, giving it a stacked look. With it still being a bit chilly, I did wear some black tights with this. However, once summer hits, I am looking forward to wearing this without them.
  • Shoes– With this being all black, and a bit of edge, I wanted to change up the color of my shoe while staying with the edge look. I went with my buckle up silver boots. They look great, high high heel, but man they are not made walking. Sometimes beauty is pain, and this pair proved that point.
  • Accessories-¬†With this outfit, I didn’t do any accessories. Thought that the edginess was enough to carry it on its own. I did however do big hair (used a curling wand, and had a big poof when I pinned my bangs back) and a very classic black smokey eye. (Fun that I just did a post on never having a place to wear that to, and then one popped up) It polished the look and pulled everything together.

What are your thoughts? Would you wear something like this out and about? Let me know your thoughts!

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