• Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Party #6

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    What time is it? Party Time!!!

    I am so sorry that I have not been posting. Last week, we had an emergency with a very loved family member that required all of my attention. But this week is a new week, and be prepared for an AMAZING week of posts!! I am so excited.

    Lets get to it. This week’s feature is:

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     Beauty Under 10
    How to take care of those makeup brushes
    that we all spend a small fortune on

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  • Madonna and CO

    *This is a sponsored post but it is completely my opinion*

    This great little shop came across my email last week, and I am so excited to share it with you. Madonna and Co is a great high end boutique in New York City. What I was really drawn to, is the fact that this is a family business. And yes their real legal name is Madonna. That is totally fun. It is an aunt and niece working together, designing most of their pieces. They do work with some amazing other designers from time to time, to get some fresh ideas into their store. Their mission is to create ageless pieces, that you will be able to wear when you are 20 and when you are 60. Their pieces are feminine, sophisticated and a bit edgy; it is not just fashion but a piece of art. Making items one of kind, and truly celebrating YOU. While the clothes are amazing, they are a bit out of this stay at home mommy’s budget. (But sigh and drool for a moment over this amazing little black dress)

    madonna and co (4)


    For a big birthday, we will leave the number off of it, my mother got me a white gold Swarovski Crystal bracelet that I have fallen in love with. So when I saw that Madonna and Co also had Swarovski Crystal jewelry I was hooked. How gorgeous is this necklace?? What I love is that while it would look amazing with a little black dress with a plunging neck line; it would just as great with jeans, a black tank, and a pair of heels. Talk about a pretty versatile piece. (Hint Hint husband of mine… This would look great wrapped up for a birthday present hehe)

    madonna and co (1)

    So while I was drooling over this necklace, I also stumbled across some bracelets. Cause, I mean a necklace is great, but you really need the whole set. How charming is this charm bracelet? Again you can wear all dressed up, making it the cherry on top or just out and about.

    madonna and co (2)

    This one, is my favorite piece. I love the mix of leather and crystal, talk about sophisticated punk. Again, you can wear it all dressed up, bringing some attitude to your traditional little black dress attire. Personally though, I would wear it with my jeans and a black tee. (Are you starting to notice a trend in what I wear hehe) It would really bring that look up a notch. You can still be in “mommy-mode”, in your jeans. Running around with the kids. But instead of just being mom, you will look stylish and a little more put together.

    madonna and co (3)

    They do a great job at mixing everyday wear with a sophisticated flare pulling your outfit all together. What are your favorite pieces? Is this something that you would wear; and with what? Let me know what your thoughts are.

  • Plucky’s Second Thought Link Party!!

    So EXCITED!!! This week, I am getting to co-host Plucky’s Second Thought Link Party!!! She has some amazing blogs that link up every week. And be sure to follow her blog too! Link up and be sure to check out some great posts.

    It’s time for another Link Party! 🙂

    Now is your chance to link up your FAVORITE blog posts! 🙂 I hope to see some awesome projects, recipes, tips, and tricks; also, I really hope all of my readers will participate and help us spread the word! 🙂


    If you are at all interested in co-hosting upcoming Link Ups, please contact me!

    Now, let’s get to the Link Up!!

  • St Patty Day Fortune Tellers

    photo (26)

    Remember when we were kids, and we played games with origami cootie catchers? At least that is what we called them. They could tell you who you were going to marry, or where you would live. Anyone remember MASH?

    Well, I was looking around on Pinterest and stumbled across these amazing St Patty Day’s Cooties. You can find the original post here. They are so easy to make and so much fun. My girls LOVED them.

    St Patty Day (1)To make your own Cutie Catcher

    1. Print out the above Catcher
    2. Cut around the square
    3. Fold it
    4. Play!!

    How incredibly simple is that. With only four steps, there is no reason not to print out like a dozen of these lovelies. If you can’t exactly remember how to fold them (no shame there, I too had to Google it. Man my Google is getting quite the workout this week) it is way easy.

    photo 1 (29)

    Step 1-
    Cut out square.

    photo 2 (28)

    Step 2-
    Fold opposite corners together. Unfold and fold other opposite corners together.

    photo 1 (30)

    Step 3-
    Turn paper print side down fold all four corner to the middle.

    photo 2 (29)

    Step 4-
    Flip paper over, and fold all corners to middle again.

    photo 1 (31)

    Step 5-
    Fold Cootie Catcher in half. Open and fold in half other way.

    photo 2 (30)

    Step 6-
    Push corners together, and slide fingers under flaps. Ta Da!!! You have made your Fortune Teller!! Now go see what kind of luck you are going to have this St. Patty’s Day.

  • My Love Affair With Lush… Part 1

    lush vancouver

    Have you ever fallen in love with a product, or product line? Then found out about the company and fallen even more for how great the company is? For me that is Lush.

    My dad often summers in Vancouver Canada, and like a lot of parents when he comes back from a trip he would bring back little gifts for me and my sister. One year, many many years ago, he brought me back this fantastic smelling pretty package. I was so intrigued; it was bright, colorful, decorated with pure happiness is the only way to describe this box. I will never forget how that packaged looked. Before I was able to open it, he told me a little story.

    “I was walking around downtown Vancouver, looking everywhere for something for you. I looked in high end stores, I looked at purses, and leather jackets. I looked at jewelry and clothes. For once in your life, I was going to come, after being gone for the entire summer, empty handed. There was nothing that was saying, “Buy me!! I am perfect for Kat!!” Then I smelled it. The most amazing smell, drifting along the breeze. It was sweet, and spicy. It was like nothing I had ever smelt before, so I followed it. I tracked down the source of this intoxicating aroma. And there was this tiny little bath shop. I went inside and it was set up much like a farmers market. Full of baskets of soaps, lotions, bubble bars, and these balls called a bath bomb. I knew that I had found the perfect gift. This was saying “Buy me!!! I am perfect for Kat.” He went a head and purchased my gift. The amazing staff at Lush not only helped to pick out the items in this package, but wrapped it up so pretty right there in the shop.

    photo (25)

    Sitting in my hands was that gift. I could smell it through the wrapping. Eagerly, but very gently as to not actually hurt the wrapping, I opened it. Inside, nestled in colorful straw I saw four round balls. Each a different color; one pink, one yellow, one blue and the last green. Each a different smell. My daddy went ahead to tell me that they were called bath bombs. I was to drop one in my bath and see what happens.

    I was beyond excited. That night as I was running a bath, I dropped the pink one in. It started to fizz and bubble. The water in my bath changed from clear, to a light pink, to an incredibly dark sexy pink color. Then as the bomb started to get towards the end, it started releasing pink flower (rose to be exact) petals into the tub. By the time that the bomb was out, my bath was pink, full of rose petals, and smelled amazing (rose, champagne, with a hint of spice). After getting in I noticed that it was full of salt and oil. My skin has never known such luxury. I smelled like that bath until I went to sleep that night, and even still hinted of it in the morning. I was hooked. I knew that this was going to be a lifelong love. Every year I looked forward to when my daddy came home, and would bring me a package from Lush.

    Stick with me every Thursday as we explore this amazing company: their first company that failed, the birth of Lush, their stance on animal rights, their bath products and their new cosmetic (but not really) line. I invite you to fall in Lush, just like I did.



  • Lipgloss… Love It or Hate It?

    photo 1 (27)

    We all have that item, that one item that we just want to love. For one reason or another we don’t. Or we do but on very limited terms. For me that single item is lipgloss.

    I want to love it. Every time that I walk by the racks upon racks of lip glosses at Sephora, or Ulta, or any othe department store makeup counters. I long over them. I sigh heavily as I turn away help for eager sales reps. What is it about this that is so uneasy for me? I mean you can get it in any color, from very light to a very dark, the options there are endless. It is pretty and shiny. It makes your mouth look amazing. The one item that holds me back from buying each and every one that I walk by….. Stickiness. You never know, until you get home, if it will be sticky on your lips.

    I am not sure about you, but I cannot handle the stickiness. It just…. quite simply… drives me crazy. Then I am walking around all day smacking my lips. It even makes it hard to talk. Maybe there are people out there that like the sticky feeling, there has to be since so many brands out there are sticky. But I for one, am not. I thought that any hope of me being able to rock pretty lip glosses was over. That I was doomed to just wear chap stick and call it good-enough. (Who really likes good-enough? Especially when it comes to your looks.)

    Then something magical happened. BellaPierre ran a sale on their lip gloss line. I thought, what the heck? It is not to expensive, the colors look pretty. And if they are sticky, I will give them to Tink and Belle. And in return, they will give me mommy of the year award. I got a few; Chocolate Cream, Pink Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Very Berry and Raspberry. Have to admit, I am in love with these!! They are super pigmented, to the point of competing with lipsticks. They are ultra moisturizing. They are shiny, but not over the top looking like you spilled oil on your mouth. They make even my thin lip look fuller. AND they are not sticky at all!!

    photo 2 (26).jpg

    Chocolate Cream is by far my favorite. It is a light beige nude. With the amount of pigmentation it is a true nude that looks amazing on. I have had lots of skin shades try this, and it has looks amazing on everyone. Major plus, it actually tastes like chocolate. My husband liked this one the best too.

    photo 3 (14).jpg

    Vanilla Pink is my runner up shade. It is a very light beige-pink. While I normally do not like pink, this is a great understated color. Even on my pink lips it does not go to that barbie shade that so many go to. It is actually pretty close to my natural shade, so it just gives it a pretty pick me up with a good dose of shine.

    photo 3 (15)

    Bubble Gum has to be my least favorite. It is the classic, hot pink barbie color. Honestly, I think that I am just a smidgen to old to pull off this shade. However, all my girls LOVED it (for each of them, not me). It is a really fun spring color. They all looked great in it. So it was donated to the girls collection.

    photo 2 (27)

    Very Berry also was not a shade that I fell in love with. It is a bright pink as well, but with a bit of orange to it. So very very trendy for this spring. Again it is not a shade that I would wear often, or ever if I am going to be completely honest. Once again though, Tink and Belle LOVED it, and very graciously offered to take it off my hands for me.

    photo 1 (28)

    Lastly we have Raspberry. This has mixed reviews. It is a dark wine color. It is something that I never (and I mean never) wear. I am all about the light colors, the nude colors. This, this is not anywhere close to that and I liked it!! It is perfect for going out and with a very simple eye. My husband on the other hand, is not a fan.

    Over all I am pretty happy. I really liked three out of the five, and the other two found good homes with my girls. So how about you? Are you a lipgloss girl, or what other item would you love to love?


  • What Is Mardi Gras??

    mardi-gras 1.jpg

    Maybe I am the only one, but I honestly have no idea what Mardi Gras is or why we celebrate it. Other then girls pulling up their tops for cheap beads, I got nothing. Thank goodness there is this wonderful new thing called Google. I am on a mission to find out what in the world this crazy holiday is about.

    As it turns out this is based on a Catholic tradition of “Fat Tuesday”. Who knew?? The idea behind it is to eat huge amounts of rich, fatty foods before Ash Wednesday and the start of the fasting period of Lent. The celebration does allow for questionable behavior, since most people confess their sins on Ash Wednesday. With it being the following day, the chances of dying before you were able to confess and cleanse your soul, were low. This seemed to be a perfect time for a big crazy party.

    In the US, New Orleans is the home of our Mardi Gras Carnival. New Orleans was founded in 1718 and by 1730 the celebration was celebrated with high society balls. (Which are still thrown every year by the who’s-who’s of the city) In 1756 six business men got together to form a secret society, with one main goal. To hold a large celebration complete with floats and throws for Mardi Gras. This party was to be open to everyone, and it was to be held in the streets right in front of where the balls were to be held. It was to be “The Best Free Show Ever”. To this day, our celebrations are much like those, and still has the same tag line.

    In 1872 Rex the nominated and elected King of the Carnival; chose the Gold, Purple, and Green as the official colors of Mardi Gras. These colors stood for: purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power. These are still the colors that most people, here in the US, associate with Mardi Gras.

    After reading a brief history of this crazy party, has it changed any of your thoughts? Do you view it differently? I have to say that I do. Reading about it, made this holiday even more interesting to me. To think that this is all spurred from a religious holiday, struck as ironic to me. By the way, the whole having to flash the crowd for throws is not actually part of the main stream celebration. It is a very small group, only in the Bourbon Street area of the French Quarter. This particular area, does not have any of the floats or parades that go through it. So while it is all that people think about, when they think about Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it is not even around where the main celebrations are taking place.




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