• Top 5 Undiscovered Children’s Books

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    Do your kids love to read? If they are anything like mine, they love to have YOU read to them. And let’s be honest, that gets old fast. Reading the same book over and over, night after night; makes me pull me hair out. Maybe you are a better mama, and this doesn’t bug you. You just love the snuggle quiet time with your little one, regardless of the mind numbingness (yes I totally just made up a word) of reading the Three Little Pigs, for the one hundred millionth time. Not me, I can’t handle it. So to avoid ruining this very special time, by reading the same book yet again, here is my list of:

    Top 5 Undiscovered Children’s Books!!!

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    Book 1-
    Penguins Can’t Fly
    By: Katherine Sully 

    I love this book!! In fact, I love it so much you can check out an entire post dedicated to just this book here. It is about two little penguins over coming their own obstacles while discovering their friendship. Seriously, there is nothing not to like about this book. AND we liked it so much that, I went out and found other books by her. (Spoiler alert, they are all just as cute)

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    Book 2-
    Lucky Bamboo
    By: Katherine Sully

    Here is another AMAZING book by Katherine Sully. It is about Little Panda (Yes I have a thing about black and white animals. Once I find a really great one on zebras, you bet there will be a post in it too. Suggestions are needed.) being told not to eat the lucky bamboo. He can’t help himself, and has just a small nibble to see how it tastes. The story is about how he makes up for this wrong doing. 

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    Book 3-
    Bobby Knows Best
    By: One guess….. Katherine Sully

    Last one by this author, then I promise to get some other authors a chance. All of the other bunnies have scary stories to tell about run ins with the fox. Bobby wants a story to tell of his own. So he sets out on a fox hunt. This is probably the shortest of the books, good for those nights you are just ready for the kids to go down. But it is a cute story, that my girls love.

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    Book 4-
    Little Bear Won’t Sleep
    By: Christine Swift

    This is one of my girls favorites. Little Bear decides that he doesn’t want to go to bed. Mother bear, being the amazing mother that she is, agrees to let him stay up all night. They for a walk through the woods, meeting all kinds of new animals and making all kinds of new friends. It is a cute story on the different types of nocturnal animals, and why they are up at night but not during the day.

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    Last But Certainly Not Least
    Book 5-
    Mr Wrinkles
    By: Robert Pearce

    I have not yet read this one to my little princesses, maybe tonight. Mr Wrinkles is the oldest, wisest elephant in Africa. He knows everyone, and just about everything. One day on his way to the waterhole, he gets stuck. Oh No! But he doesn’t panic, soon all the animals in Africa are there to help him. But how are they going to unstick a huge elephant?

    How about you; are you a mama that can read your loving child whatever they want even if you have read it every day for months or do you need to switch it up? What are your favorite children’s books? 

  • LOTW- Golden Goddess

    LOTW- Golden Goddess

    LOTW- Golden Goddess

    With spring and the warmer weather I was inspired. This week’s LOTW (Look Of The Week) – Golden Goddess. I thought that we would do something fun, natural and a will give you a subtle glow. There is nothing prettier then a fresh face.

    MakeUp Used:

    • MAC Eyeshadow: Brule, Woodwinked, Shroom
    • Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet- HalfBaked
    • Physicians Formula- Black eyeliner
    • Maybelline Big Eyes- Mascara
    • Studio Gear CC Cream
    • BellaPierre Sunshine- Bronzer
    • Maybelline The Buffs Sin-a-mon- Lippy

    I know I know, it seems like a really long list of product used this week. And it is, I realize that. But I promise you that it is no more difficult than any other look. I did try to use a mix of high-end makeup and drugstore finds. One day, soon-ish, I will do a look all on drugstore finds. Maybe.

    Step 1-
    Cleanse and moisturizer your face. MakeUp always looks best on a clean face.

    Step 2-
    Apply Physicians Formula eyeliner, in black, to both upper and lower lash lines. Trick here is to only line the outer third of both top and bottom. This will give the illusion of wider, more innocent eyes. (I was really excited to try this product, and am looking forward to reviewing it for you.)

    Step 3-
    Apply MAC Brule all over the eyelid, lash line to brow. Everyone asks why I do this. I like having a uniform canvas to work on. It is just a great flesh tone matte color.

    Step 4-
    Apply MAC Shroom onto the inner third to half of both eyes. If you want the other colors to pop a bit more, you can apply this to the entire eyelid lash line to crease.

    Step 5-
    Apply MAC Woodwinked on the outer third of both eyes, again lash line to crease.

    Step 6-
    Apply Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet in HalfBaked into the crease and slightly above it. By applying Woodwinked, which is slightly darker than HalfBaked, you will achieve the benefits of a smokey eye. Even though it is a very light golden look.

    Step 7-
    Apply Studio Gear’s CC Cream on face. I stipple it on with a foundation under my eyes, around my nose, in between my eye browns and on my chin. Then using circular motions rub it onto the rest of my face. And blend, blend, blend. I am LOVING this product and the more that I use it the more that I am in love with it. It is a go to staple in my bag now. If you want to see my full review, check it out here.

    Step 8-
    Apply BellaPierre Starshine Bronzer. You will apply it across your cheek bones, like blush, up along the hair-line to the temples. If you are comfortable with bronzer then gently sweep some across the top of your forehead again next to your hair-line, on the tip of your nose and under your chin.

    Step 9-
    Apply your lippy. I personally don’t like to use a liner, or lip primer. But my lips absorb the lipstick like no other. So if yours tends to bleed or migrate then you might want to a liner. If you do line your lips first, then fill in your lips with the liner before you apply your lipstick. This will give your lipstick something to hold onto, and make it last longer. I used Sin-A-Mon from Maybelline’s The Buffs line. I did a review on it a few weeks back, and my love of this line has only grown. I am now the proud owner of all the lipsticks in this line. (Truffle Tease is still my favorite, but with this being such a light look, it needed a bit stronger lip color.)

    Step 10-
    Last but certainly not least, curl your eye lashes and apply your mascara. I love Maybelline’s Big Eyes. It is a cheap drug store find that works better than any expensive brand that I have purchased. Please see here as to how to apply mascara.

    See no more difficult than any other look. Just mixing and matching more products. Hopefully, it was easy enough to follow along. During the spring and summer months, do you wear a lighter makeup look? Or are you the same makeup year round? Do you use a bronzer at all or is strictly blush? Let me know your thoughts.

  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness!!!!! Party #12

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #12 (holy cow a full dozen parties!!!)

    How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great, finally got some down time, some time to relax. Which was so nice and so needed. We got to lay around and snuggle on the couch watching movies. Of coarse Frozen was in there, but we also got to see the new TinkerBell movie. The one with the pirate fairy, it was really cute and by far my favorite fairy movie to date. What do you guys do for movie night with the kids? We try to stay away from sugar, so there is no “movie” snacks. Maybe some popcorn, but that is about it. Any tips on family nights would be so appreciated.

    Here is what you miss last week:


    A little intro to Nicky from Nicky’s Potions & Lotions.

    photo (29)

    New Column: LOTW- Pretty in Pink

    And now to the features!!!


    Bigger Brighter Eyes: Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude
    Got the most click throughs!!


    Being a scarf lover, this was my favorite post last week.

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  • Fashion Friday….. Bumming It

    Bumming Around

    Ever have those days, where you just don’t want to get all dolled up? Where you just kinda want to bum around. I have those days more then I want to admit. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting all girly; the skirts and summer dresses, a cute pair of wedges. But you know what? Its a lot of work, and some days I just don’t have it in me. Or, I am taking the kids to the park and its just not practical. What to do on those days? I call it a “bumming day”.

    • Jeans– Yup, I have them again. I love jeans. I don’t think that you fully grasp my obsession with them, but that’s ok. While I normally like a capri cut better then the bermuda style, these particular ones are fabulous. There are a few great things about them; first, they are a skinny style. This is going to help hold in your thighs (if you are like me and carry a little weight in them), plus they will make your behind look great. Also, the distressed look is very in and is probably not going to be going anywhere for a while. If you are going to bum it, then go all out, and commit to the look by ripping up the jeans a bit.
    • Shirt– V-Necks are so controversial. Some people love them, some are completely against them. I like that this shirt, while technically a V-Neck, is very minimally one. You get the style, without showing off any cleavage. V-Necks will make you look thinner by elongating your neck area. I like that this shirt has the very smallest amount of sleeves possible. I tend to have that little roll of… stuff… you know, between your body and your arm. I LOVE tank tops, but they are not the most flattering, unless you are very thin. This, you get the benefit of a tank but it covers that problem area. Also, with is being a loose fitting, it will hide any mommy-pouches in the tummy area. Come on, I can’t be the only one with these problem areas. Right??
    • Sneaks– To really play up the bumming attitude you gotta rock the sneaks. (Do people still call them sneaks or am I showing my age here?) Love that the gray in these ties in the gray of the shirt. They almost have a distressed feel to them as well.
    • Bag– I love my Coach and Louis Vuitton bags, but lets be honest they just don’t hold a whole lot. Also it is kinda odd pulling out baby toys and diapers out of them. So on the days where I am more mommy duty, I like to just a grab a big backpack style bag. They hold a ton, so I can pack everything that I know I am going to need: toys, snacks, diapers, wipes, cups and well you know everything. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories, so I am loving this bag. How fun!!

    What about you guys, do you always get put together? Or do you have days where you might bum it too?

  • Introducing- Nicky’s Potions & Lotions


    I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing girl that is whipping all kinds of amazing products, right in her own kitchen!! The joys of Twitter, cause without it I would have never saw her tweet that made me smile and caught my attention enough to have me click over to her blog. One glance over there you can tell that she is such a genuinely happy positive person, who loves doing what she does. She is so passionate for her craft, and dedicates most of what she does to her mom. How sweet is that? I was able to ask her a few questions, check out her answers and there is no way that you won’t love her just as much as I do.

    Kat- What made you get into making your own beauty and skin care products?
    Nicky- I got started making handmade beauty products by discovering coconut oil. A friend of mine mentioned that she was using it as a moisturizer for her infant, that started the wheels turning. I picked up a jar of cocoa butter and a Pryex measuring cup and started to experiment. Once I realized how fulfilling it is to make your own product, I was hooked.

    Kat- What inspires you to make new products?
    Nicky– My inspiration for new products comes from everyday items. I believe there is a natural, organic, preservative-free alternative to almost everything on the market. I enjoy replacing my favorite products with my own alternative. The more I experiment, the more I want to make. My test group (friends and family) love with I experiment. 🙂

    Kat- When did you start making your own product?
    Nicky– I have been making the basics for about 10 years now. I started with aromatherapy and salt scrubs. I started experimenting with recipes  for the more advanced products, like deodorant, about two years ago. Experimenting is really fun in itself. At one time I had 7 failed moisturizing scrub bars in my shower at once. And there were a lot of “almost perfect” lip balms and face scrubs that I enjoyed before they were perfected.

    Kat– What is one thing that you want people to know?
    Nicky– Hmmm.. One thing that I think that I would want people to know is I only use all natural preservatives in my products. Everything is natural and organic. I keep my base ingredients to pure oils and butter with long shelf lives so the only additive that I need is Vitamin E oil. The idea of knowing exactly what is going into the products that I use, is what made me start making them for myself.

    And my favorite:
    Kat- Who is your biggest role model?
    Nicky– My biggest role model would be my mother. She was constantly crafting growing up. Everything from jewelry to oil painting. She was always encouraging me to try different creative outlets.

    See all of us crafting, creating, blogging mama, it does pay off, the kids do pay attention and it helps them later in life. She was so kind as to send me full size samples of her product and they are AMAZING. Better then a lot what I have spent a lot of money on, and they are a fraction of the price. Take a moment and check out her site store. My opinion is that she has the best product on the market for a fraction of the price. Be sure to tune in next week as we talk about each of her items, and what my thoughts on them were. You don’t want to miss it.


  • Top 5 Mistakes That Make You Look Older


    We all think that we are doing everything right with our beauty routine. But are we really? Here are the top 5 mistakes that most people make, at least part of the time:

    • Mistake #1-

    Going to bed with your makeup on. I know we are all busy, and that we are exhausted by the end of the day. The draw of, “oh just this time, I will wash really well in the morning” is so alluring. But this can be the single worst thing you can do for your face. While we sleep, is when our bodies repair themselves. This apply’s to our faces too. Without being able to breathe, it can’t repair itself. So those little lines are going to settle in a bit more, those little red spots or imperfections won’t have a chance to heal. Want better looking skin? Then let it do its thing and wash off. See here for my routine.

    • Mistake #2-

    Washing our faces with water that is to hot. You may have heard, “hot water/steam helps open the pores and you can a better clean.” This is just wrong, and pretend that you never heard this advice. (Unless you are getting a facial, then they know what they are doing) Hot water dehydrates your skin, it will pull the water right out of you. Dehydrated skin ages faster, so hot water = lines and wrinkles. You don’t want that. Instead use luke warm water. It doesn’t have to be cold (even though that will help shrink your pores), but anything warmer then what you would feed a baby is to hot.

    • Mistake #3-

    Using the wrong product. If you have dry skin, you need to use a product for dry skin. If you have oily skin, use a product for that. And so on. There is nothing wrong with looking in the mirror and seeing that your skin is maturing, so use products made for maturing skin. Using the same product that you used when you were a  teenager, is no longer benefiting your skin. The anti-acne, while your face is still clear of breakout, is to harsh for most women’s faces at this point. You need something that gives back to your skin. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you need an anti-aging product.

    • Mistake #4-

    Not doing the beauty routine to our necks. Our necks age just as fast as our face, yet most people tend to ignore this area. You need to be using the same product on your neck that you are using on your face. You want everything to age at the same rate. We all have seen those women with amazing looking faces, and the turkey neck going on. Not a great look. So treat your neck the same as your face.

    • Mistake #5-

    Not drinking enough water. Drink water, drink water, drink water and then drink some more. When you hydrate from the inside out, you need less products. Plus hydrated skin wrinkles less, that is another big perk. So go get a bottle of water, we can wait. Go on now….

    If you work on these five items, you will see dramatic results. See pretty simple. Did I miss any? Or am I off here, and everyone does all of this every day?

  • LOTW- Pretty In Pink

    photo (29)

    So I am thinking that I am going to start a “Look Of The Week” aka LOTW. Thoughts?? Yea I think it is the best idea every too. I have to admit I am kinda, ok really excited, about it!! Ready? I know I am. Let’s go….

    This last weekend, for Easter actually, I did a pretty pink look. Very spring is here type of makeup. My girls whenever I do a pink look call it “Princess” makeup. Apparently pink makeup = princess. I am okay with this.

    Here is what I used:

    • Black Kohl eyeliner
    • Sephora  eyeshadow pallet
    • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara
    • Maybelline Baby Skin primer
    • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation
    • Bobbi Brown blush in Pink Peony
    • Maybelline lipstick in Nude Lust

    Step 1-
    Okay I always do my eye makeup first. This way if I end up with lots of fall out, clean up is easy and I don’t have to worry about ruining my foundation. Line your upper and lower waterline with the black pencil.

    Step 2-
    Apply Cream all over the lid, from lash line to brow. Apply Dusty Rose on the outer third of your eyelid, from lash to crease. Last, apply Desert into the crease and slightly above it.

    Step 3-
    Apply Maybelline Baby Skin to face. You only need the size of pea for your entire face.

    Step 4-
    Using a big fluffy brush, apply the mineral foundation. Start by stippling it on under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin, and on your forehead. The using big circular motions, apply it to the rest of your face.

    Step 5-
    Using a blush brush apply the Bobbi Brown to your cheeks. The great thing about this blush is, even though it looks kinda over the top bright pink, it apply’s really nicely and you can build the color easily. A good tip on how to determine where to apply it is to not go closer to your nose then two finger widths. You want to stay on your actual cheek bone, brush up the bone all the way to your hairline and up your temple. You want the blush to frame your eyes.

    Step 6-
    Apply your lipstick.

    Step 7-
    Last but not least, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Please see here as to the best technique to apply it.

    A very simple, yet pretty spring look. What are your thoughts? Do you equate pink makeup looks with Disney Princesses? Is this something that you would wear or do you stay with more natural colors? Let me know.

  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness… Party #11

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    How was everyone’s Easter weekend? Do I have any readers that do the full event from Ash Wednesday, to Holy Thursday, to Good Friday, continued to Holy Saturday, and finishing on Easter Sunday? I am very curious what all it entails. It seems like a lot, so let me know.

    As far as we go, our weekend was insane. It seems that as the year progresses our weekends are getting more and more packed. Friday started with a girls night out, followed by Belle’s Frozen themed birthday party (make sure to tune in later this week for how we did that at the dollar store!!), then another party that night, to the big Easter Bunny event today. I am pooped.

    But I am never to tired to a good party!! Lets get to it!! The features this week are:

    shampoo2Dry Shampoo: The Good
    The Bad, and The Ugly Wearable
    This was the most clicked!!!

    hjrfod7WMDressing Affordably:
    $1.60 Shirt
    This girl is so cute, and at prices everyone can do

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  • Fashion Friday… Easy Easter Brunch Attire

    Pretty Easter Outfit

    Can you believe this weekend is Easter??? Holy cow this year is already getting away from me already. For me Easter kicks off the spring fashions. We move from darker colors and winter fabrics to items that are light in color and fabric. We move away from boots to open toes wedges and sandals. Florals take center stage, both in the landscape with flowers awakening from their winter slumbers and on our clothes. To me this outfit just screams, “Hello Spring!!!”.

    • Dress– I am totally digging this tea length floral dress. It has all the wonderful spring colors; pink, green, yellow. The belt to tie it on the waist will help hid a few of those stubborn winter pounds that don’t quite get the hint that it is time to go. Plus the A-Frame will also show off the hourglass figure without drawing any attention to any problem areas. I like that the print it not the entire dress. For those of us who carry weight on our lower halves but hardly any up top, the round abrupt end to the pattern just above the girls, will help make them look larger too. Really, unless you hate flowers, there is nothing not to like about this dress.
    • Shoes– Hello pretty piggies!! There is nothing more spring then open toed cork wedges. Love how strappy they are!!
    • Hair– For this particular dress, a soft up-do would be best. I love this twist on the sock bun, with the braid around the bottom. It looks kinda like a waterfall braid. What do you think? I would have jazzed it up a bit with bobby pins though.
    • Accessories– Diamonds are a girls best friend. I love diamonds, so personally I think diamond stud earrings go with everything. They are just pretty and sparkly. A shiny silver bracelet is the cherry on this outfit.

    Let me know what you think of this outfit. Is it something that you could see yourself wearing it? If you had to change one thing about it, what would your change be? I love reading your comments, so let me know your thoughts.

  • Hippity Hoppity… Here Comes The Easter Bunny Money

    photo (28)

    In our house, the Easter Bunny is “the” main Easter thing. My kids look forward (well since Valentines Day) to him coming. They try to think ahead as to where the clever bunny might leave eggs. If they were the bunny where would they hide things. They wonder about what is going to be in those eggs. They wonder where the basket will hide, and what hints the bunny will give to help them find the basket. See in the basket, the bunny leaves “bunny money”. This can be dollar bills, five dollar bills, ten dollar bills or the extremely rare and coveted twenty dollar bill. That rare bill has only been seen once, when Belle’s birthday happened to fall on Easter, but the girls hold out every year that they too might get one. So how do you make “bunny money”? They are so simple, yet so much more fun then just handing over cash.

    photo 3 (19)

    Step 1-
    Lay the dollar bill horizontal and fold the bottom up a third.

    photo 2 (41)

    Step 2-
    Fold the top down a third.

    photo 1 (41)

    Step 3-
    Take the left side and fold it over just shy of half way.

    photo 3 (20)

    Step 4-
    Take the right side and fold it over just shy of half way.

    photo 2 (42)

    Step 5-
    Turn over dollar bill, and fold each “ear” into a point.

    photo 1 (42)

    Step 6-
    Flip back over. Add a pink nose and eyes. I drew mine one, but I have been known to put on googley eyes.

    And your done. See super easy, and way cuter then just plain old bills. So what does the bunny leave in your baskets? Are your kids excited?


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