Nude Lips; The Buffs

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Anyone else loving the nude lip look? This is my favorite lip color. I know most people say that they love a great red wine lip color. But for me I like the nude, flesh tone look. Why? Because the light color actually makes your lips look fuller and softer. While a dark color will make them pop more, and make them more noticeable; a light color lip will make them look bigger. Think about it this way, if you were to paint a room all dark colors, it would seem smaller then if you painted it all cream. The light colors allow light to bounce around, while dark color absorb light. Same philosophy works for your makeup.

This being said, I was so excited when Maybelline came out with The Buffs line of lipstick. All the colors in this line are flesh tone. Everything from very very light beige, to a pinky nude color, to darker skin tones. They are all amazing and only being $5.00 a pop making them completely affordable.

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To start, I purchased Nude Lust and Truffle Tease. Nude Lust is growing on me. When I first tried it, I was not a huge fan. It is a pinky beige color, no idea what I was thinking since I really am not a an of pink lipstick. It has a slight shimmery metallic finish to it. Actually it is very similar to my natural shade, just shimmery. That being said, it is growing on me and I do like it for a quick splash of color for running errands. Truffle Tease I love. It is a brownish beige, very light color. It looks perfect on my skin tone. I can wear it with just about any other makeup color.

Something to keep in mind, they are cheap lipsticks and you do sometimes get what you pay for (now there are LOTS of amazing drugstore finds out there). They do not last very long, I find myself having to reapply a lot. They do not stand a chance against eating or drinking. Also, they do show any and all flaws on your lips. I have found that I do need to apply a little lip balm before applying this or my lips look horrible. Weighing cost over these small flaws, makes this seem like an easy choice.

I am so excited to keep trying the other shades in this line. And again at only $5 a pop, there is no reason not to try them all. Has anyone else tried these yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know.



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