And Lush Is Born…. Part 3

LUSH (2)

Out of the ashes that was Cosmetics To Go, a great company was born… LUSH

Lush actually uses a lot of the same products that Cosmetics To Go did. Held most of the same principles too. In fact, LUSH even originally even had most of the same staff. After Cosmetics To Go literally drown, everyone went their own way. All landing great new opportunities, but they kept running into each other through out the upcoming years. Every time that they met, they would talk about how much they miss Cosmetics To Go. The fun work place, being able to create new and exciting products, being able to work not just with coworkers but with friends. They always left on the note of, “One day we should do it again”. One day came, and they left their jobs to come and create another company.

LUSH (1)

LUSH is born!!! They learned a lot about business and about what they wanted. They decided that instead of being a mail order company, they wanted to open stores. They wanted inter act with the clients, they wanted to be hands on, they wanted to see what people liked and wanted.

For those of you who have not heard of this amazing global company, you are in for a real treat. This company is truly one of a kind. Everything they do, they do with purpose. Sometimes that purpose is “fun”, sometimes that purpose is for “karma”, and sometimes it is simply to be “gorgeous”. They are very open about their position on everything from civil rights, to animal cruelty, to using the very best products for their products. And off they went……

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