The Best Way to Make Sure Your MakeUp Rocks..

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Want amazing looking makeup? The easiest way to get that flawless looking skin, is taking great care of your skin. If you have fresh, moisturized, nurtured skin; it will not only make your job a whole lot easier, your skin will actually take your makeup a lot better.

Taking care of your skin is also easier then you think. First and foremost drink water, drink water and then drink some more water. This will keep your skin from getting to dry, meaning you can use less moisturizer; it will also flush out your system so you will have less breakouts and the ones you do get (cause lets be honest, no one has “perfect” skin all the time) will not last as long. A huge perk of keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out, is that you will also age slower. Those little lines and wrinkles appear first in drier skin. So I will wait, go get a glass of water.

The next best thing to do is keep it clean. You have heard your mother tell you, more then once, don’t go to bed in your makeup. I get that we all are exhausted by the time that we go to bed. We are running after kids, working, trying to keep up with the endless house chores. The temptation to just hit the hay is pretty strong. Lets talk about the ewww factor. All the bacteria that is on our brushes, we brush on our faces. All the germs that we pick up on our hands then touch to our faces all day long. The pollution and airborne allergens are always battling with our face. So going to bed without washing your face you are putting all of that on your pillow to then sleep on all night. Yummy. Lets wash that off, and wash it off correctly.

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Step 1- Cleansing-
Using luke warm water, one mistake people make is using water that is way to hot, wet your face by splashing the water on it. Use a gentle cleanser, one with vitamin C will help hold moisture in, to remove your makeup. I LOVE Murad Vitamin C Cleanser. It is super gentle, so gentle you can use it as an eye makeup remover too. So no need for yet another product. I have very dry skin, and after using this I don’t have any of the tight dry feeling.

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Step 2- Toner-
Toner is a secret sauce that most people ignore. Toner helps your skin absorb the moisturizer, it also helps close your pores, and helps rebalance your skin. Pretty important stuff there. Honestly, until last year, I totally skipped this step too. Let me tell you, once I started doing my skin started to change. I just spray this one time on my face, and use my fingers to rub it in. You can spray it on a cotton ball then apply to your face. But I find that when I use that the cotton ball absorbs a lot of the product and I need to spray 2-3 times. This is the first toner that I have found that does not sting or irritate my skin. Again gentle is key. Many people think that you need “heavy duty” product, but when it comes to the thin skin on your face, gentle is better.

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Step 3- Eye Cream-
Yes, once you hit a “certain” age, you need an eye cream. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you need one. A good eye cream will help your eyes look more awake and younger. This is the cream that I use day and night. It claims to help with under eye circles, fine lines and puffiness. After a month of so of using this I really did notice amazing difference in my eyes. Any all under eye circles, bags and puffiness is gone. (Well except for those nights when all three kids need to get up, at different times. You all know those nights.) In fact my under eye area is lighter, and all of my little lines have gone away. It was amazing. I get asked all the time what I am doing, cause I am looking 10 years younger then I am. I attribute that to this little bottle.

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Step 4- Moisturize-
Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize. Apply your facial moisturizer after your eye cream. If you apply it first, the eye cream won’t be able to penetrate through. You will be wasting your product and not getting any results. I really like this product. It soaks into the skin almost immediately. The pores on both sides of my nose, are almost gone and I no longer have any dry patches.

These products are pretty expensive, I won’t lie. I tell myself it is an investment again future plastic surgery. A facelift has to be way more then these products. Right? What do you use? Do you wash your face every night, or most nights are you just to tired?

Be sure to check in next week, for when I share with the you the drugstore stuff I use when I am traveling.



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