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I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing girl that is whipping all kinds of amazing products, right in her own kitchen!! The joys of Twitter, cause without it I would have never saw her tweet that made me smile and caught my attention enough to have me click over to her blog. One glance over there you can tell that she is such a genuinely happy positive person, who loves doing what she does. She is so passionate for her craft, and dedicates most of what she does to her mom. How sweet is that? I was able to ask her a few questions, check out her answers and there is no way that you won’t love her just as much as I do.

Kat- What made you get into making your own beauty and skin care products?
Nicky- I got started making handmade beauty products by discovering coconut oil. A friend of mine mentioned that she was using it as a moisturizer for her infant, that started the wheels turning. I picked up a jar of cocoa butter and a Pryex measuring cup and started to experiment. Once I realized how fulfilling it is to make your own product, I was hooked.

Kat- What inspires you to make new products?
Nicky– My inspiration for new products comes from everyday items. I believe there is a natural, organic, preservative-free alternative to almost everything on the market. I enjoy replacing my favorite products with my own alternative. The more I experiment, the more I want to make. My test group (friends and family) love with I experiment. 🙂

Kat- When did you start making your own product?
Nicky– I have been making the basics for about 10 years now. I started with aromatherapy and salt scrubs. I started experimenting with recipes  for the more advanced products, like deodorant, about two years ago. Experimenting is really fun in itself. At one time I had 7 failed moisturizing scrub bars in my shower at once. And there were a lot of “almost perfect” lip balms and face scrubs that I enjoyed before they were perfected.

Kat– What is one thing that you want people to know?
Nicky– Hmmm.. One thing that I think that I would want people to know is I only use all natural preservatives in my products. Everything is natural and organic. I keep my base ingredients to pure oils and butter with long shelf lives so the only additive that I need is Vitamin E oil. The idea of knowing exactly what is going into the products that I use, is what made me start making them for myself.

And my favorite:
Kat- Who is your biggest role model?
Nicky– My biggest role model would be my mother. She was constantly crafting growing up. Everything from jewelry to oil painting. She was always encouraging me to try different creative outlets.

See all of us crafting, creating, blogging mama, it does pay off, the kids do pay attention and it helps them later in life. She was so kind as to send me full size samples of her product and they are AMAZING. Better then a lot what I have spent a lot of money on, and they are a fraction of the price. Take a moment and check out her site store. My opinion is that she has the best product on the market for a fraction of the price. Be sure to tune in next week as we talk about each of her items, and what my thoughts on them were. You don’t want to miss it.



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