Top 5 Undiscovered Children’s Books

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Do your kids love to read? If they are anything like mine, they love to have YOU read to them. And let’s be honest, that gets old fast. Reading the same book over and over, night after night; makes me pull me hair out. Maybe you are a better mama, and this doesn’t bug you. You just love the snuggle quiet time with your little one, regardless of the mind numbingness (yes I totally just made up a word) of reading the Three Little Pigs, for the one hundred millionth time. Not me, I can’t handle it. So to avoid ruining this very special time, by reading the same book yet again, here is my list of:

Top 5 Undiscovered Children’s Books!!!

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Book 1-
Penguins Can’t Fly
By: Katherine Sully 

I love this book!! In fact, I love it so much you can check out an entire post dedicated to just this book here. It is about two little penguins over coming their own obstacles while discovering their friendship. Seriously, there is nothing not to like about this book. AND we liked it so much that, I went out and found other books by her. (Spoiler alert, they are all just as cute)

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Book 2-
Lucky Bamboo
By: Katherine Sully

Here is another AMAZING book by Katherine Sully. It is about Little Panda (Yes I have a thing about black and white animals. Once I find a really great one on zebras, you bet there will be a post in it too. Suggestions are needed.) being told not to eat the lucky bamboo. He can’t help himself, and has just a small nibble to see how it tastes. The story is about how he makes up for this wrong doing. 

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Book 3-
Bobby Knows Best
By: One guess….. Katherine Sully

Last one by this author, then I promise to get some other authors a chance. All of the other bunnies have scary stories to tell about run ins with the fox. Bobby wants a story to tell of his own. So he sets out on a fox hunt. This is probably the shortest of the books, good for those nights you are just ready for the kids to go down. But it is a cute story, that my girls love.

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Book 4-
Little Bear Won’t Sleep
By: Christine Swift

This is one of my girls favorites. Little Bear decides that he doesn’t want to go to bed. Mother bear, being the amazing mother that she is, agrees to let him stay up all night. They for a walk through the woods, meeting all kinds of new animals and making all kinds of new friends. It is a cute story on the different types of nocturnal animals, and why they are up at night but not during the day.

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Last But Certainly Not Least
Book 5-
Mr Wrinkles
By: Robert Pearce

I have not yet read this one to my little princesses, maybe tonight. Mr Wrinkles is the oldest, wisest elephant in Africa. He knows everyone, and just about everything. One day on his way to the waterhole, he gets stuck. Oh No! But he doesn’t panic, soon all the animals in Africa are there to help him. But how are they going to unstick a huge elephant?

How about you; are you a mama that can read your loving child whatever they want even if you have read it every day for months or do you need to switch it up? What are your favorite children’s books? 

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Undiscovered Children’s Books

  1. The only book I’ve heard of in this list is #1, but that is because I read your post about the book. My girls have lots of books and loves to read. My 2.5 year old daughter loves to read to herself. She’ll even knows what certain books are called and while reading, will talk about what is actually going on in the book. My 14th month old daughter has just started pretending to read. It’s so cute.
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  2. I remember reading the same 2 or three books to my oldest daughter over and over and over until I wanted to hid the books or throw them away! I ended up making up voices and spots where I would tickle her or whatever just to take my mind off the fact that I was reading it AGAIN! Glad to be through that stage. 😉
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  3. These sound like such cute books! I’ll have to keep them in mind for my nieces who arrive in July! 🙂

    Thanks again for joining the Link Up this week!
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  4. Many, many.

    Hurty Feelings.

    The Mine-O-Saur.

    Any of the Little Rabbit books by the Kline sisters.

    In the Company of Bears

    The Teddy Bear by David McPhail

    Adventures of Cow

    The Best Christmas Ever by Chih-Yuan Chen

    The Blue Faience Hippopotamus by Joan Grant

    The True Story of Stellina

    I want my hat back – Jon Klassen

    How Smudge Came

    Mr. Wuffles

    Nugget and Darling

    Wolves – Emily Gravett

    Paddy’s Payday – Alexandra Day

    Snoring Beauty – Bruce Hale

    The Christmas Dog – Jan M. Robinson

    Buying Mittens by Nankichi Nimi

  5. We love to read too! I don’t mind reading the same book over and over but my daughter usually picks a new favorite every week or so. She loves books. Can’t imagine where she got it 🙂 Our children’s library is taking over our house. I haven’t heard of any of these but they look like some she will enjoy. Thanks for the suggestions! I just wrote about our current favorites too

    Can’t wait to hear some more of your favorites.

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    • I am going to pop over and see your list!! Gotta tell you, I am so happy to hear that it is not just MY house that the kids library is taking over lol.

    • Thanks for popping in. I love them too! If we are being totally honest, I buy them for the girls… but…. I tend to hold onto them for a long time before the kids actually get them lol

    • I have had a lot of teachers (and former teachers) saying that they were going to check them out. Please let me know if you do and what you thoughts are 🙂

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