• Do You Feel Pretty?

    Do You Feel Pretty

    This may seem pretty superficial, and maybe it is. But how different is your day, on the days where you feel pretty?

    I know for me, on the days where I feel like I am looking my best I have an extra bounce in my step; a bit more confidence to my stride; my head just a tiny bit higher. On those days, I can tackle anything. So why does something as trivial as how we look, make such a huge difference?

    Bottom line, looks are important to us as a community. We live in a society, where looks matter. Everywhere we look, we see beautiful people selling something. Everything from movies, to makeup, to kids toys are sold with ads featuring good looking people. Our TV shows are casted with good looking people. This is what we have to compare ourselves to, a photoshopped arsenal. We then strive to be that; be the thin, be made up, be the perfect version we see about everyone else. There is so much pressure to look a certain way, and such a stigma associated with it when you don’t. How can anyone live up to that?

    As a mother to three daughters, I worry about how this will affect them. Will they be able to believe that they are just as good as the tall skinny blonde? Will they have one of the many eating disorders to make their bodies be overly thin? Will they not leave the house until they look “perfect”? I worry about the society that we live in, that has an unwritten code that girls are pretty things to look at. Not that we are powerful or intelligent, but that we are sexy and pretty. Now before all the feathers get ruffled, yes we have come a long way. But it doesn’t change the fact that to be worth much in our society we have to be good to look at.

    While of coarse I tell my daughters that they are beautiful; I make a point to tell them more often that they are smart, that they are sweet, that they are important. I wonder if it will be enough. So here is my question to all of you…..

    Do you feel pretty?

  • The Best Way to Make Sure Your MakeUp Rocks..

    photo 1 (39)


    Want amazing looking makeup? The easiest way to get that flawless looking skin, is taking great care of your skin. If you have fresh, moisturized, nurtured skin; it will not only make your job a whole lot easier, your skin will actually take your makeup a lot better.

    Taking care of your skin is also easier then you think. First and foremost drink water, drink water and then drink some more water. This will keep your skin from getting to dry, meaning you can use less moisturizer; it will also flush out your system so you will have less breakouts and the ones you do get (cause lets be honest, no one has “perfect” skin all the time) will not last as long. A huge perk of keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out, is that you will also age slower. Those little lines and wrinkles appear first in drier skin. So I will wait, go get a glass of water.

    The next best thing to do is keep it clean. You have heard your mother tell you, more then once, don’t go to bed in your makeup. I get that we all are exhausted by the time that we go to bed. We are running after kids, working, trying to keep up with the endless house chores. The temptation to just hit the hay is pretty strong. Lets talk about the ewww factor. All the bacteria that is on our brushes, we brush on our faces. All the germs that we pick up on our hands then touch to our faces all day long. The pollution and airborne allergens are always battling with our face. So going to bed without washing your face you are putting all of that on your pillow to then sleep on all night. Yummy. Lets wash that off, and wash it off correctly.

    photo 2 (39)

    Step 1- Cleansing-
    Using luke warm water, one mistake people make is using water that is way to hot, wet your face by splashing the water on it. Use a gentle cleanser, one with vitamin C will help hold moisture in, to remove your makeup. I LOVE Murad Vitamin C Cleanser. It is super gentle, so gentle you can use it as an eye makeup remover too. So no need for yet another product. I have very dry skin, and after using this I don’t have any of the tight dry feeling.

    photo 3 (18)


    Step 2- Toner-
    Toner is a secret sauce that most people ignore. Toner helps your skin absorb the moisturizer, it also helps close your pores, and helps rebalance your skin. Pretty important stuff there. Honestly, until last year, I totally skipped this step too. Let me tell you, once I started doing my skin started to change. I just spray this one time on my face, and use my fingers to rub it in. You can spray it on a cotton ball then apply to your face. But I find that when I use that the cotton ball absorbs a lot of the product and I need to spray 2-3 times. This is the first toner that I have found that does not sting or irritate my skin. Again gentle is key. Many people think that you need “heavy duty” product, but when it comes to the thin skin on your face, gentle is better.

    photo 2 (40)


    Step 3- Eye Cream-
    Yes, once you hit a “certain” age, you need an eye cream. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you need one. A good eye cream will help your eyes look more awake and younger. This is the cream that I use day and night. It claims to help with under eye circles, fine lines and puffiness. After a month of so of using this I really did notice amazing difference in my eyes. Any all under eye circles, bags and puffiness is gone. (Well except for those nights when all three kids need to get up, at different times. You all know those nights.) In fact my under eye area is lighter, and all of my little lines have gone away. It was amazing. I get asked all the time what I am doing, cause I am looking 10 years younger then I am. I attribute that to this little bottle.

    photo 1 (40)


    Step 4- Moisturize-
    Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize. Apply your facial moisturizer after your eye cream. If you apply it first, the eye cream won’t be able to penetrate through. You will be wasting your product and not getting any results. I really like this product. It soaks into the skin almost immediately. The pores on both sides of my nose, are almost gone and I no longer have any dry patches.

    These products are pretty expensive, I won’t lie. I tell myself it is an investment again future plastic surgery. A facelift has to be way more then these products. Right? What do you use? Do you wash your face every night, or most nights are you just to tired?

    Be sure to check in next week, for when I share with the you the drugstore stuff I use when I am traveling.

  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Party #10

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #10

    How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was so busy, I am ready from a weekend from my weekend. Am I am the only one that has weekends like that? But, it’s Monday again. So off we go, ready to start a new week. Not quite as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I wanted to be, but here we go.

    Here is what you missed last week-


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    How old is “sexy”?
    This was my favorite post. If you haven’t
    read it yet, go do it.

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  • Fashion Friday- Jeans and Tee Look

    Casual Look


    Are you a jeans and tee kinda girl? I am right there with you. I love a good pair of jeans, probably would live in jeans if I could get away with it. So any time that I can just upgrade that look I am all over it. A simple way to make it look a bit more pulled together, pair your jeans with a pair of heels. I am a fan of the pointy toe stilettos, but anything with a bit of a lift will make you look more pulled together.

    • Jeans– For me, I feel like a million bucks in a great fitting pair of jeans. You know the ones: they fit just right, and when you turn around, you know you have a rockin booty going on. They can be a fabulous pair of skinny jeans or a boot cut, dark washed or bleached out, formal stiffness or ripped up. Any pair that you feel amazing in.
    • Top– To help bring this look up for just another pair of jeans and tee, I like the top with a bit of lace. Lace is one of the few types of material that looks great on everyone. It doesn’t matter your style or body size; a splash of lace will always look classic and chic. I love how the entire top here is lace, brings a bit of sexiness to it. It give the illusion of a strapless top, without actually have to bare all.
    • Shoes– Lets be honest, I love shoes. Really all types of shoes, and while the pointy shoe is my favorite, for this outfit I opted for something a bit more classic. But there is way to many nice shoes to pick, so I picked two lol. The first one is your basic black heel. It has a rounded toe and about a four inches tall. This really should be a staple in ANYONE’s wardrobe, it will match and go with everything: from everyday looks, to pretty summer dresses, to full on date night LBD (little black dress) attire. Summer can’t get here fast enough, so the other one is a little strapy sandal version of a heel. While this is not as versatile (since it is a sandal and therefore only summer use) there is something fun and flirty about open toed shoes.
    • Accessories– Gotta have a little bling, and I am not a huge fan of yellow gold (silver is fine, white gold is good, platinum is great.. Just not the traditional yellow gold) so I went with a silver accents. With how delicate the lace can look, you need a big chunky necklace to off set it. But you don’t want to go into over drive with jewelry, so pair it with simple stud earrings. (Kinda like makeup, focus on one major accessory and downplay the rest) I have a thing for clutches, maybe because all I carry during the day is a diaper bag or huge purse to fit all the kids stuff in. This one is so pretty, simple but has some major talking points. LOVE that the closure is off center, and that it pinches the purse a bit too.
    • Hair & MakeUp– For a pop of color, I thought going with a dark purple smokey eye would be fun. Nude lips, and very light on the blush. (Play up one feature not everything) Then for your hair something very soft and down. Loving these soft, big, loose curls. Now only if my hair would do it lol.

    So what are your thoughts? Are you a jeans and tee kinda gal too or if you are going out do you.. go all out? What are your thoughts on this outfit? Let me know, I love reading all of your comments.

  • Today Is About YOU!!


    Good Morning!! Today I have a question for you. Yes that’s right for YOU. No long post, No update on what is going on, No thoughts from me. Today is all about you. So here it goes:

    What do you like reading about the most???

    If you have followed me for a while you will notice that I write mostly about makeup and beauty. But there is a splash of fashion, with a pinch of features about different businesses, and a hint of family/mommy/crafty type posts. Today I am asking my readers what they like reading most. Leave a comment and let me know. Please and Thank You!!

  • How To Apply Mascara In 4 Easy Steps


    Ever wonder why others get Va Va Voooom lashes, and yours are barely a putt putt. Using the same products, but not getting the same results? Maybe it is in the application. Many women think that all you do is swipe the mascara wand up the lashes, and magically your done. While this may work for a few lucky women, who already have great lashes, there is a much better way to get the full effect of the product. I mean if you are going to spend some money on a great product, then why only get half of the results buy not applying it properly?

    So how do you properly apply mascara? It is super easy, and once you know the steps you will get the lashes that everyone wants.

    Step 1-
    Starting at the root of your lashes, swipe the wand to the left moving up the lashes. Apply 1 to 2 coats.

    Step 2-
    Starting at the root of your lashes, swipe the want to the right moving up the lashes. Apply 1 to 2 coats.

    Step 3-
    Starting at the root of your lashes, move the wand straight up the lashes while wiggling back and forth slightly. This will help break up any that are stuck together. Apply two coats.

    Step 4-
    Apply to your lower lashes. Starting at the root of the lash, wiggle and move straight down. You can use the same method as you did on your top lashes, however, I have found that this applies to much product on the tiny lower lashes. Experiment and see what works best for your lashes.

    Yes this method will have you applying a lot more product then you normally do. Yes that means that you will be going through product faster. But if you are spending $15-$45 for a tube of mascara that promises to be “Better then Sex” or “Bad Girl, Yes Their Real”, then why not take full advantage of those claims?  If you are only half happy with the result of what you are using, give this method a try and let me know how it worked out for you. Or do you apply a different way? I would LOVE to know.


  • Baby Sign and Benefits of ASL

    Sign Lang

    When all of my girls were babies, I introduced them to baby sign. All of my family thought that I was crazy. I heard everything from we were going to confuse them, that we would delay her speech, that they will communicate when they are ready and nothing that I could do would speed that up. When my oldest was six months, we were out to dinner with the whole family, she made her first sign. Actually she signed multiple words, eat more. Silence fell over our table, the family was stunned. They were honestly shocked.  I was proud of my daughter, I was thrilled that she would be able to tell me what she needed and that she would have a way to talk to me. I was also proud of myself, I was proud that I didn’t listen to them and that I did what I thought was best.

    She learned new signs rapidly. Before we knew it, she was signing full sentences and had over a hundred signs. Even with all the success of this, I still had many people telling me that I was delaying her speech. Why would she learn to speak, if she could communicate the “lazy” way? That I was some how hurting her, that I was confusing her by making her learn both sign and english. For the record, she was an early speaker, and way above her level in language. She speaks to groups of adults, at their level on everything from science to politics. Today, we are told how amazingly articulate she is. So did this hurt her, no I think not. But once she started speaking, the sign slowly fell away.

    When I had with Belle, we did it all again. I once again had everyone telling me not to do this, that I was hindering her. Belle was a late speaker, it fueled the fire. But we kept on. In fact, Belle learned sign mostly from Tink. She relearned (or remembered) most of what she had known as a baby. The two of them would go back and forth. It was very cute to watch. But once Belle started speaking, she has yet to stop. Full sentences right from the beginning. Again though, once she started speaking, the signing started to fall away.

    When I found out that we were pregnant with Baby. They both were so excited, to use sign again. They started brushing up and once Baby was here they wasted no time. And would sign right along as they were speaking to her. Again we saw the same results. She started to communicate early, and once she was speaking she was well above were she should be. This time though, once Baby was speaking they didn’t stop learning. The three of them learned together, they enjoy learning this together.

    After studying more the benefits of learning ASL, I am so happy that I choose to do it. The studies have shown that babies that are exposed to sign communicate earlier, they speak earlier and are more articulate then those who don’t use sign. The ability to communicate earlier and express what they need at a younger age, might help boost self esteem and confidence later in life.

    Learning ASL, takes practice, but was easier then one might think. I read all the books that I could get my hands on. One of the best books that I have read is: Easy Guide to Baby Sign Language. It is so easy to follow, and quite engaging. He makes learning this language so easy that anyone can follow along. The diagrams are easy to see what the descriptions mean.


     This book skips a lot of the basics: there is no alphabet, no numbers. Before you get upset that you need to know the basics, what baby says the alphabet at six months anyways. From the author himself: “Easy Guide to Baby Sign Language” was written to help you communicate and bond with your baby before she has the ability to speak.  It was also designed so information is easy to find, understand and use.  There are clear and engaging illustrations, “quick-find” indexes, and even activity ideas to help you on your way.  There are many benefits to using baby sign language.  Whether you want to minimize tantrums, increase your baby’s confidence, or simply have fun, you’ve come to the right place.

    He gets down to business, right from the start. I love how straight forward this book is, how fast it gets into the meat of it. Really quick read, then once you are ready to start using the information its layout makes it easy to quickly find what you are needing. If you are looking for a starting point, this is where you should start.
    How about you guys, did anyone else use sign when their littles one were still little? What resources did you use to learn it?
  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #9

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #9

    Wow what an amazing week! First off HUGE thanks to all of my amazing readers, I was able to hit all of my weekly goals. You guys rock!! Being a new blogger, I have no idea how high or where to set the goals. To be honest I have kinda been winging it. But last week shows that even when you have really high goals, you can totally do it. Thank you to everyone that reads, and then comes back and reads to more. Onto the main event…. PARTY TIME!

    This Weeks Features:

    Mommy {A-Z}
    I shopped like it was my job… And it was!
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    Jelli Bean Journals:
    Natural Alternatives to MakeUp Remover
    Amazing tips here!

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  • Fashion Friday- Feminine Spring Look

    Spring Look

    Love this for spring!! And surprising that with Polyvore it was not to outrageously priced. I am a huge fan of girly dresses and cowboy boots, plus this being pink and brown. Doesn’t get much better then that. This is actually my very favorite shade of pink, ballet pink.

    • Dress- Looks like it would be about knee length. Which makes it look great on every body type, plus very flirty. I love the belt that ties it at the waist. Normally I am not a fan of this, since my waist and hips are very different in size. But with it being brown, I feel that it ties in the boots.
    • Boots- While these are not traditional cowboy boots, I do like the slouchy-kinda-sorta cowboy boot look. Am I the only one that loves to pair a girly dress with boots during spring? Don’t know what it is but I am totally hooked on this look. These particular boots, would match everything I own. Love how simple they are.
    • Purse- Yes, I realize that other then color, this purse does not match. The print and texture is wrong for this dress (at least for me). But what a fun clutch.
    • Accessories- You can’t go wrong with a simple bow, so many ways to wear it. I see the hair for this being curled, and half pulled up. Using the bow to pull up the top portion. Very simple. Silver Bangles, well they just work with everything lol.

    What about you? Is this a look that you would wear, or is it to girly? How about the dress with boots look, fan or not? Let me know, I love reading your comments, and seeing what you think.

  • And Lush Is Born…. Part 3

    LUSH (2)

    Out of the ashes that was Cosmetics To Go, a great company was born… LUSH

    Lush actually uses a lot of the same products that Cosmetics To Go did. Held most of the same principles too. In fact, LUSH even originally even had most of the same staff. After Cosmetics To Go literally drown, everyone went their own way. All landing great new opportunities, but they kept running into each other through out the upcoming years. Every time that they met, they would talk about how much they miss Cosmetics To Go. The fun work place, being able to create new and exciting products, being able to work not just with coworkers but with friends. They always left on the note of, “One day we should do it again”. One day came, and they left their jobs to come and create another company.

    LUSH (1)

    LUSH is born!!! They learned a lot about business and about what they wanted. They decided that instead of being a mail order company, they wanted to open stores. They wanted inter act with the clients, they wanted to be hands on, they wanted to see what people liked and wanted.

    For those of you who have not heard of this amazing global company, you are in for a real treat. This company is truly one of a kind. Everything they do, they do with purpose. Sometimes that purpose is “fun”, sometimes that purpose is for “karma”, and sometimes it is simply to be “gorgeous”. They are very open about their position on everything from civil rights, to animal cruelty, to using the very best products for their products. And off they went……

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