Fashion Friday… Chic Mommy Look

Mommy Day Look

What do you wear when you are out running around, kids in tow? While I love jeans (as evident by the many jeans and tee looks on my Fashion Friday posts), I am a girly girl. Typically during the summer, I am wearing some kind of cotton dress, some wedges and my dark sunglasses.

  • Dress– I am such a fan of cotton sun dresses. Here our summers are typically over 100 degrees and even nights can stay above that. It is HOT. Little cotton sun dresses are a must; they are breathable and light. Plus they just scream girly, and you feel so put together wearing a dress. You can find them pretty cheap in just about every color you can imagine. I however am a huge fan of black and white. There is something so chic about it.
  • Shoes– My favorite shoe is a stiletto heel, but chasing after three kids they are just not feasible. A wedge is a nice compromise. It gives you some lift, makes you feel pulled together, and gives a nice touch over sneakers or flip-flops. I am in love with these solid black peep toed ones. So very classy.
  • Purse– When I am making short trips out, IE I don’t need an entire diaper bag, maybe just a few Β “My Little Ponies” and a diaper of two; I love my coach bag. It says, “Oh yea I am a mom, but I still got it”. No idea what “it” is, but it makes me happy telling that I got it. It is a small piece of a life gone by when I had designer stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything, and I am thrilled that I spoil them. I so prefer shopping for them over getting an item for me. But my coach purse, I love too. Us moms get to be spoiled every once in a while too.
  • Sunglasses– I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses. It could be 10:00 at night, you bet those suckers are on my head. I feel so naked, so exposed without them. My hubby makes fun of me to no end because of it. I have even been known to go back, at night, to get them if they are forgotten. We all have our quirks, right?

What about you guys, what do you like to run around wearing?

{As a total side note, this is my 100 posted post!!! Wow!!! Thank you to all of my wonderful readers!! }


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