LOTW- Green With Envy

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LOTW- Green with Envy

This week, lets play a bit with some color. We have done a “Pretty in Pink” look and a “Golden Goddess” look. Both were very pretty, but they didn’t really let us play with very much color, since they were both more natural looks. Green is a color, that looks good on everyone. It will flatter blue eyes, it will make brown or hazel eyes stand out, and it will really pop making a striking statement on a super fair redhead. So, lets play!!!

Materials Needed:

  • Green Kohl Eyeliner
  • Natural at Night- Too Faced Pallet (see review on this here)
  •  Big Eyes- Maybelline Mascara (see review on this here)
  • CC Cream- Studio Gear (see review on this here)
  • Bronzing Powder- Wet N Wild (see review on this tomorrow!!!)
  • Forever Young- LUSH Cosmetics (see review of this here)
  • Truffle Tease- Maybelline Lipstick (see review of this here)

All of the products that I am using in this tutorial have all been reviewed by me!! Pretty cool!! You can click on any of the links to see my thoughts on each of the products being used.

Step 1-
Line eyes with the Green Kohl eyeliner.

Step 2-
Apply Spotlight all over your lid. From lash line to eyebrow.

Step 3-
Apply Full Moon on the inner third of your eyelid.

Step 4-
Apply Night Fever on the outer third of your lid. From the lash line to crease.

Step 5-
Apply Moon Stone in your crease and slightly above. You will want to start on the outside of your eye moving towards your nose, you will want to bring that about two thirds of the way into your crease.

Step 6-
Apply the CC Cream cream to your face. Stipple in on under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin and in between your eyebrows. Then blend in using circular motions. Always be sure to end your blending by using downward motions.

Step 7-
With the green of the eyeshadow, I am not a huge fan of using bright or pink blushes. I like keeping everything else very neutral and natural. So keep things simple with just a little bronzer and highlighter. Brush the bronzer on the hallows of your cheeks, about a third of the way into your face from your hairline, up along your hairline to your temples.

Step 8-
Apply a tiny amount of LUSH Forever Young just above your cheek bones. By having the bronzer under and a little bit of highlighter above you will make your cheek bones look a little more pronounce without a whole lot of effort.

Step 9-
Apply your lipstick. I like the nude line of Maybelline’s The Buffs.

Step 10-
Last but certainly not least, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.

Now step back and admire how gorgeous you are. People will be “Green with Envy”. Do you like playing with different colors? Is green a color that you would wear out and about?



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