Bronzer 101

bronzer 101

It is that time of year again, everyone seems to be wanting that wonderful sun-kissed look. Bronzers are outselling blushes, it is being added to makeup bags left and right. There are all kinds of bronzers: matte, shimmery, light, dark. Do they make your head spin? Lets break it down….

What is bronzer? Bronzers are designed to give your face a fresh sun-kissed look. Like you spent the day at the beach. It is supposed to help you sculpt your face a bit. And if used right, it will help you look more healthy by adding another dimension. It is not designed to make you look tanned, or to darken your overall tone. It is not the same as blush, and not to be applied like blush.

What type is best? That all depends on your version of best. For simplicity, you can get one of ones that has a slight shimmer and multi-tones of pinks, browns, and creams. Then just apply it like a blush. It will contain bronzer, blush and highlighter. However, I tend to feel that these look best on teens and mid-twenties. I, personally, prefer a matte single shade. You will get a better finish and a better overall look. As far as color, you can as dark or light as you want. The darker you go, the more dramatic it will be and the harder it will be to blend. For a daytime look, try to stay with two to three shades of your natural color. This will give you a very subtle beautiful look.

How do you use bronzer? You will apply bronzer in the shape of a three along both sides of your face.

  1. You will want to start at the hollows of your cheeks. Since bronzer is darker than your skin, it will make the area recede a bit and make your cheek bones a bit more apparent. You do not want to apply on your cheek bones or you will lose some of your shape. The hollows are the area just below the cheek bone. If you suck in your cheeks, making the fishy face, you will see them.
  2. Sweep towards your hairline, along the bottom of the cheek bones.
  3. You will sweep it up along the hair-line towards your temples.
  4. Then you will sweep it down the sides of your face to your jaw line and sweep it just below your jaw.
  5. Blend. Blend. Blend. Then blend a little more. If your bronzer is done right, it will just give a very slight color with no visible lines. If done wrong, you will look a bit orange or dirty. Neither of those are what you are going for. When in doubt go for a very light, sheer look.

When wearing bronzer, you will still apply your blush like normal. You will still want that flush face look.

How about you? Does this time of year have you reaching towards the bronzer? If so, what kind do you like the best?


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