The Best Is Always Last: Nicky’s Potions & Lotions


I have been so happy working with Nicky over at Nicky’s Potions and Lotions for the last few weeks. She is such an amazingly sweet person and her products are better than anything else on the market. We have gotten to know her a bit (you can check out our chat with her here) and we have played with some of the wonderful products that she was nice enough to send over (if you didn’t read about them last week, be sure to check them out here); but I saved the best for last…… In that package that she sent me, was one more item. Something that I didn’t review, I held onto it. Because it deserves its own post. What is so wonderful that it needs it completely own post?


Yup you read that right, deodorant. She makes an all organic, all natural deodorant that is AMAZING!!! Like mind-blowing good!!! Let me explain why this is such a great find for me. This is a terribly embarrassing problem, so no laughing at me. Deep Breath. I am a sweaty, stinky girl. Must be overactive sweat glands or something, because I seriously sweat ALL THE TIME. Then with sweating so much, there is a smell. So not lady like and certainly not fun. It does a number on someones confidence. I have tried everything on the market. Antiperspirants  do hardly anything, deodorants while masking the smell don’t help with the sweat, the ones that “work harder when you work” just give off an overly powerful floral smell. I have bought everything at the drugstore, I have even had prescription ones. Up until getting Nicky’s Nick Stick, nothing worked. In my head, I was doomed to be the girl in the back, always in tanks, because then at least the shirt won’t show that you have been sweating non-stop for the last two hours.

Since this is me, and I have tried everything, I was hesitant to try this deodorant that Nicky sent. I mean if not even prescription antiperspirants could help me; then how in the world could this “hippie” one be the answer.

I was wrong.

I was wrong.

I was wrong.

Nick’s Stick is AWESOME!!! She sells it as a deodorant, but it is so much more. Yes it is a deodorant, the actual stick has almost no smell to it at all. (There is a very very light natural scent, but my nose is super sensitive. My hubby could not detect any scent to it.) Yet, it prevents any smell from coming off of you. It does not just cover up smell, like most on the market. When wearing it though, I don’t sweat. She never claims that this is an antiperspirant, but it is. I can even wear a tee-shirt without worrying if I will have those lovely spots. Nothing, no sweat. For someone like me that sweats a lot this is a really big deal. No wetness, no smell, all natural without any harsh chemicals. AMAZING!

Nick’s stick is quite different from anything else that I have tried. It is kinda like a big chapstick. Actually it is exactly like a big chapstick. So give it a moment to absorb into your skin. But it will change your life here!!

So please tell me that I am not the only sweaty girl out there. What did you guys do to combat this embarrassing issue?


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