Fashion Friday- Day At The Beach

Day At The Beach

I am so ready for the summer!!! While I don’t live ANYWHERE near a beach, I long for the lazy days of it. Laying in the sand, enjoying the sun, listening to the girls playing in the water. Sounds like perfection to me, but maybe that is just what living in the desert does to someone. Does anyone live on the beach? Is it as great as it sounds? So I have no idea what one actually wears to the beach, but in my head this is what you would wear.

  • Shorts– Some sort of ripped up, super short shorts. You might see the ties of a swim suit poking up over the tops of them. In my mind, they would need a little bling on them too.
  • Tops– If you have a swimsuit on underneath, then you would need something simple and slightly loose. You will want it to be comfortable.
  • Shoes– Sandals and flip-flops would be a must, if you have to wear shoes. In my head, I would be barefoot. What a great natural (and fun) pedicure. Always having unlimited sand to scrub your piggies. Your feet would always look amazing.
  • Accessories– A big black hat to keep the sun off of your face. Plus how chic do the women look who can pull one off. One day I will own one of these hats. It is on the bucket list (I know silly item on the bucket list, but hey its my list). And big black sunglasses, because I don’t go anywhere without them. Then last, some big bag to hold: towel, sunscreen, book, and everything else that you might need at the beach.

So that is my dream beach outfit. What did I miss? What is your favorite item to wear at the beach?



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