Blush 101

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Everyone knows about blush. Everyone knows that you should wear it. But do you have horrid flash backs of the 80’s style streaks, or have had a bad clown like experience? Making it hard to convince yourself to use it? Have no fear, blush is your best friend; it is easy to use with a light hand and a little practice.

Blush is one of the few products that will ALWAYS make you look younger. As we age we lose a lot of color in our cheeks. I look at my little girls and their checks are always a beautiful shade of pink. We could just be watching TV and their checks are pink. Mine not so much. Blush will help give that color back, making you look younger.

There are so many types of blush on the market; powders, creams, and in a pinch even lipstick can work as a check color. Personally I think that they all work the same, giving very similar results. Some people are set that creams are better, because they are more natural and blend into the skin. Others say that powders on the best, because they are easy to use and you don’t have to worry about them mixing weird with your foundation. It is a personal choice with what you like and what results you are wanting. I tend to stick with powder blushes. For me the are the easiest to work with, and since I use a powder foundation cream blushes don’t lay well onto of the powder.

My favorite blushes are the Bobbi Brown Ubber Pink Line. Antigua is a perfect very light matte pink color. It almost has a hint of brown in it to tone down the pink. For me it is the perfect day shade. The Pink Peony is a hot pink color. When I saw it, I was a little intimidated. I mean I am in my thirties, there is no way that I can pull off hot pink. But it actually goes on really sheer, and is a beautiful color. I wear it a lot when we are going out. Then there is no denying the cult classic NARS Orgasm. It is a magical blush that works on absolutely every skin tone. It is a brownish pink with gold shimmer in it. It will instantly make you look more awake and give your face a bit of illumination. If you are very slowly stepping into the world of blush, this is without a doubt the best blush to pick up. I promise you will not regret it.

There are a ton of different ways to wear blush. You can Pinterest blush and get thousands of different ideas. Some based on face shape, some based on if you are conturing too, some super simple, some way complicated using multiple blush colors. But for this 101, I am going to do a basic tutorial that will look good on all face shapes and will help frame your eyes (to me, makeup is all about setting up the eyes to have the main focus on your face).

Step 1-
Sweep a blush brush over choice of blush. Then starting at the hair-line at the top of your check bone (where you touch your brush first will have the most color, by starting at the hair-line you will easily be able to blend it out and not run into to much blush on your check issues), sweep down your check bone.

Step 2-
Stop at about two finger widths from your nose, while still on your check bone. A lot of tutorials say to focus on the apples of your checks, for me I don’t like this trend. First, when I smile and apply my brush to my apple then stop smiling, my brush is BELOW my check bone. Not prime blush area. (MakeUp Artist Goss Wayne has a great You Tube video on this too) Secondly, I like my blush to draw attention to my eyes. When it is focused on the apple, there is no line of color to follow around your face back to your eyes. Third, there is to fine of a line, for me, between perfect blush and scary porcelain doll blush. Thanks but no thanks, I want to be far far far away from that line.

Step 3-
Blend in with circular motion back up your check bone then blend up hair-line to your temples.

Ta-Da you are done. Beautiful blush, that will make you look younger by giving your face back some color and you will have created a line for other eyes to follow to draw attention to your beautiful peepers.

So tell me, how do you apply blush? Do you like the current trend of apply on the apples or are you a blush along the check bone type of girl?



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