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Fashion Friday….. Effortlessly Chic

I am so happy that the warm temperatures are here to stay. While scarves and coats are nice. There is something so girlie about being able to wear pretty dresses; without having to wear leggings and without having to freeze while wearing them. lol. I am all about the pink and black mix. I blame it on all of my years of ballet. (Black leotard and pink tights was what I wore for many many many years) People who know me well, often tease me that my entire wardrobe consists entirely of: Black, Pink and Gray. Now in my defense, I do own a white tee-shirt and a blue dress too. But other than that they are right.

  • Dresses– OMG I am LOVING this light pink, loose-fitting dress; with the little pop of black on the belt. To me this is perfection. And for the cherry on the top, the price point is completely reasonable. A little higher than what I normally pay, but nowhere near a designer dress or anything. With it being as loose and flowy (according to WordPress I just made that word up, but I am pretty sure flowy is a word. If I am wrong let me know, cause I use it a lot lol) as it is, it will look flattering on a variety of body shapes. Also, by not wearing the belt tight, but hanging like it is, it will draw the eye away from any “mommy pouch” one might have. I couldn’t pick just one this week, so I picked two. I am loving the color block dress too. Once again light pink and black look marvelous together. I am loving how the color blocks are all different sizes. You don’t run into to much of a striped look. Plus over your hips and thighs will be a solid black panel, no running into weird horizontal lines across your behind. (A huge issue with me)
  • Shoes– Both of these dresses could without a doubt be toned up for a night out with a pair of heels, hair pulled up and some amazing earrings. But what I like about them both, you can also wear them with a pair of sandals. Love a good pair of sandals (almost as much as a good pair of wedges). I do like a pair of thong sandals, but I know lots of you don’t.
  • Hair- I am so jealous of those that can pull of this hair. The perfect, no fuss soft curls. I find myself staring at women at the store/mall/playground that can get their hair to do this. My hair is either Shirley Temple tight curls (to get a curl to stay in my hair) or 1970’s used an ironing board to keep my hair completely straight with absolutely no curl, no wave, no volume in it at all. There is no middle ground, there is no compromise. Those are my two looks. But, pairing these amazing dresses with sandals and softly curled hair, will make you look so effortlessly chic. Not quite bohemian, a bit more pulled together then that but on the same wave as it.

So what about you. If you wear a dress, do you tone it down with simple hair and sandals. Or if you go to the effort of wearing a dress do you get all dolled up? Pink and Black is it a pairing that you wear often? As always, I LOVE hearing your thoughts.


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