Yea For New Tools

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MakeUp tools that is!!!

Okay I am like a two year old. I know this, I can accept this, and I can even share this with you, while laughing at myself. For me getting new makeup related items is like Christmas. It is getting a new package to open, new toys to play with, and the moment that I get it I want to rip it open to test it out. Anyone else… {crickets}…. yea ok, maybe just me but I was totally excited to get some new brushes.

ECO Tools is one of those brands that is always awesome. They are completely 100% cruelty free. The handles are made of bamboo so they feel great in your hands. You can buy them at any Walmart/Target or drugstore. Plus they are incredibly cheap, which in the world of brushes is a huge plus. I got my friends daughter her first set up of brushes (I think it came with 5 different brushes for her face and eyes) for about $15. Cheap AND good quality… LOVE it.

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The first one that I got was the Skin Perfecting Brush. With it being summertime, I mostly wear BB and CC Creams. I find that other foundations are just to much. This brush is designed specifically for BB and CC creams. Let me tell you it made a HUGE difference in the application. Up till this point I was just using my foundation brush, and it was ok. This brush though, gives my face an airbrushed look to it. Plus the angled to it makes it so easy to apply the cream in those hard to cover areas (think corner of your eyes, around your nose). It gives great coverage, without having you apply tons of product. At only $8, it was a great find.

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The other brush I picked up was the Custom Buffing Brush. This is one of those brushes that has always been missing from my makeup bag. Every where I look (online) makeup bloggers were talking about needing a flat headed brush. If you were going to use bronzer you needed one, if you used powder foundation you need one, if you applied powered on your face in any way you needed this brush. But I have not found one that I liked enough to actually spend the money on to add to my collection. UNTIL I saw this one. I know that ECO Tools always have wonderful brushes and it was only about $7. I figured it was time to add one. Yup, I should have known to trust my fellow bloggers. This brush makes applying powders a breeze. I really like using it to apply my bronzer and my setting powders. It picks up just a little product at a time, which is great for those of us who are a bit heavy handed; but it makes it so easy to build up the color. Another great find.

I am so happy with these two new brushes to my collection. Have you guys tried either of these? What are your newest brushes? What is your favorite brush?


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