Soniclear Review

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*This is a sponsored post. I received the Soniclear Antimicrobial Cleaning System
at no cost for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions
are as always, mine and mine alone*

Let me start this by saying that before getting this opportunity, this was an item that I have been looking at already. There are many cleaning brushes on the market at the moment. All offering a better clean then hands and a washcloth alone. They are all on the pricey side, so I have yet to bite the bullet and invest in one. Then this opportunity showed up on my doorstep (or rather in my email). The universe is obviously telling me that I need to give it a whirl.

I am in LOVE with this system. It came with two brush heads; a smaller one for your face and a large one for your body. What is great is it can auto switch the modes when the different heads are put on. No need to try to figure out how to get the modes switched. Very easy to use this. Per the instructions I use it every other day on my face and use it once a day on my body. For my face I have been using the fourth speed. That speed is designed for sensitive skin, and since it is a new product for me, I thought better safe then sorry and go easy. I have seen some improvement in my skin after using this several times. The little lines on my face are diminishing, I am noticing that my skin tone is improving, and I am getting a much better clean.

The real improvement I have noticed is on my body. For the last year I have been dealing with breakouts on my chest. So pretty, thanks changing hormones, I swear now in my thirties I am dealing with it way more then I ever had to in my teens. Ugh. For my body I am using third speed this is the top speed for your body. After using this for a week, all of the breakout on my girls is gone. G. O. N. E. Gone. To me this is huge, if I would have know that it would have been so easy to get rid of it, I would have bought this a while a go.

This particular model has major perks that are not offered in other models. First, it is the only cleaning system on the market that has an antimicrobial component to it. During the manufacturing process it undergoes a treatment that will keep those bristles on the brushes extra clean. Second, it is actually a bit cheaper then the other brushes on the market (huge perk for my wallet). Third, it has 6 cleaning speeds; three for your face and three for your body. And last, it comes with a lifetime warranty. You can check it out here.

Do any of you guys use a cleaning system like this? Are you interested in it?

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