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    Last week I had the amazing opportunity to introduce to you Nicky from Nicky’s Potions & Lotions. (If you did not get a chance to see that, please click here, she is so cute it is so worth the read) Not only was I lucky enough to get to chat with her a bit about her business, but she was kind enough to send me a few items from her shop, so I can tell you all about them.

    She hand makes absolutely everything in her kitchen; everything from the cuticle creams, to the dry stuff face buff, to the lip balms and so on. Everything that goes into these products are things that you can not only pronounce and know what they are; but they are truly good for your skin. The are all natural, preservative (other than natures own ability) free, and best part, they small AMAZING. I have tried a lot of the products on the market, and my experience; either you pay a ton for products with results but you don’t have any idea what the ingredients listed are or you buy all natural products but they smell weird and do not have any result. Let me tell you this is not the case with Nicky’s products. I was quite honestly blown away once I started using her products.

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    Everything about this little package was top-notch. Once I opened the envelope, a wonderful smell started to permeate the room. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, but I loved it. Even my girls, when they came to my office about an hour later, asking what I was doing cause it smelled so good. Everything was wrapped in purple gauze bags. There was ribbon and even a little angel charm hanging from the top. (Which is now hanging in my office over my desk). The little items, cuticle cream and lip balms, were then wrapped in their own little purple bag in this package. The deodorant and the Dry Stuff Face Buff were both bubble wrapped to ensure no damage. Time was put into this to make an impression, and it did.

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    Lets start with the cuticle cream and the lip balm. My poor hands take a beating, and I do nothing to help them at all. I love to wash my hands a lot (you know it drys them out), I bite my nails, pick at hang nails (which I get daily), then rips up the skin next to my nails and I pick at that. My hands are amazingly dry and tend to crack. I am amazing at makeup, look at my face and I look 10 years younger than I am; look at my hands only and you would swear that I was about 80 and lead a life of hard work. Not pretty. Most products are way to oily, or leave a film and I cannot stand and immediately wash it off. Nicky’s cuticle cream, so not the case. It smells wonderful, as do all her products, there is a hint of lavender and lemon. I a little bit goes a long way, all that is needed a little around your nails. It not only stopped the hang nails (if anyone knows why you get them, please leave me a comment letting me know), it moisturizer the nail bed and even repaired the skin next to my nails. All without any oily, filmy residue. I know that this is made for your cuticle, but I started using it on this super dry patches on the bottom of my feet, and my poor cracking heels (years and years and years of being a ballerina is still taking a toll on my feet) and it is really working well on them too!

    The lavish lip balm is perfection!! I am a lip balm hoarder (well I am a hoarder of many items, but lip balms are in my top three favorites), and at any given moment I have half a dozen brands and tubes of the stuff in my purse. This is by far my favorite!! Normally I am not a huge peppermint fan, especially on my lips. But it is so mild in this balm, that is literally just a little twist. My lips have never looked better. I put a bit on in the morning, then put my lipstick on top (as with every other part of me, my lips are very dry). My lips are now soft, plump, fully hydrated and kissable. No more chap lips or even little lines on them any more. My husband even asked what I was doing different because its, “like kissing little clouds”. He has been working long hours, maybe he needs more sleep before repeating something like that to someone else. hehe.



    {*Nicky, sorry I had to borrow your picture, I was so excited to try this that somehow I forgot to take a pic beforehand. Please forgive me}

    As above, this was one product that I was really looking forward to trying, that I ripped open the envelope, took a few pics and headed straight to my bathroom to try it. I guess in all my excitement, I forgot to get a picture of it. (I have a picture of it with the product I will be telling you about next week, but nothing on its own.) This stuff is a better mask then ANYTHING that I have tried before. It does a deep clean, without drying out your skin. It leaves you soft and smooth. Since using it, I can see a big difference in my skin. Most notably, my pores are under control and I have no more blackheads. Plus most of the redness in my face is gone. I use it twice a week, the first (for me its Tuesday’s) I will mix it with a little honey then the next time (Thursday’s) I will just mix it with water. I was so scared to use it with honey, I mean come on, its honey. It is a horrible sticky mess, how would I get it off my face? But it was just in my head, it was surprisingly to work with. With her pricing there is no reason not to give this a try.

    Okay so I save the BEST item she sent for last, and it is going to get its own post. It is so amazing that it needs a whole post just about it. Be sure to check back next Thursday to see what this item is!!

    What have your experiences with all natural been? Do you try to go this route, or do you go the more traditional store route? Let me know why you do what you do.


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