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Gotta love Target. I swear I go in for a single item and leave with a cart full of stuff. Lets be honest for a moment, it’s all the kids fault. Yup totally just threw the girls under the bus and blamed this on them. But before you get all upset and stop reading me forever, let me explain. I pop in to our local Target, you know for a simple gallon of milk (so the girls have something to drink with the totally healthy nutritious dinner that I have been slaving on all day) and then Tink sees something that she, “just can’t live without”. Now how fair is it to just get her something, so then we have to find a little something for each of the other princesses. And if we are looking for something for all of them, then the hubby too needs a little something.  Before you know it, cart is full of stuff that was not on the list; all because Tink just had to have something.

{deep breath} Okay so maybe that is not exactly how it always happens, maybe the girl that starts the ball rolling…. might…. occasionally… be… me. It really does not take a lot to get me over to the makeup aisle. Then it is all down hill from there.

So this last trip, I was able to score a few e.l.f items. It is a brand that I have heard a lot about, and the pricing is wonderful. Most of their items are between $1-$3 dollars. Seems like a stretch to me, a $1 for lipstick that (1) has good color and (2) any amount of lasting power. So I started with a small haul.

  1. MakeUp Removing Wipes- $3.00 for a pack of 20. They did an impressive job. While I do have a whole routine that I like (you can see the product here and I have started using the Soniclear which is awesome), there are some nights that a good makeup wipe is just so much better. It was able to get off all my makeup; including my eyeliner and mascara. A few draw backs though; it stings a bit taking off my eyeliner and two you need to use a washcloth to wipe off the residue it leaves. But for $3.00 I think I can look over those small items.
  2. e.l.f. Baked Blush- $1.00 for a decent sized blush. The color is great, it is a bit of a peachy color once applied. It is applies very easily, the color is pretty sheer but build-able. But there is no staying power. I applied it mid-morning, and by after lunch it was completely gone. No idea where it went. So while pretty, and a great price point, I just don’t have time to keep re-applying it through out the day. So to the girls it went.
  3. Matte Lip Color- $1.00 for a crayon style lipstick. I love a good nude lip color, and to find one that was a matte, I was so excited. It really is a great little product. Lots of pigment, looks like the color on the box, not drying. All in all a good find. Not a great color on me though, boo. But again the girls were so happy to get this little find.

Have you guys tried e.l.f. and if so what are your thoughts? What are your favorite cheap finds?


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