Fashion Friday- Vintage Inspired

Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!

For my Fashion Friday posts, I normally put together through PolyVore, and while I really honestly enjoy that site I found it lacking a few items. So I was beyond excited when What Goes With That reached out to ask me to use their site. Not only can you put together outfits, it is a full social media site. You can post your outfits, you can ask questions (so if you get a new pair of shoes you can get advice on what to wear with them) and you can give advice to other who have asked for help pulling together a look. It is so much fun how interactive it is. They are a brand new site, so they are not quite as robust as PolyVore, but it is fun being on the ground floor of something new. If you have a moment, and enjoy fashion then go take a moment and go play over there.

This is my first outfit that I have pulled together though their site. While I miss the fancy templets of the other site, I really enjoying the simplicity of What Goes With This. And I LOVE this vintage look. Everything about this outfit from the earrings to the shoes.

  • Dress– While I am not a huge fan (don’t dislike it, just kind of indifferent) of the horizontal stripes, this one I think works. I mean who really wants a horizontal line across your behind making it look wider then it is? But this one I think that I like. Whats the difference? I like that the stripes get thinner and closer together through the waist. This will make your waist look thinner and smaller, giving you a more hour glass figure.
  • Earrings– There is nothing classier then a good pair of pearl earrings. This pair looks great with a small drop down. Very simple, very elegant.
  • Shoes– What a great pair of nude sandals. Aren’t these just screaming summer??

So what are your thoughts? Do you like this or not quite your cup of tea? Did you take a moment to look at WGWT? What are your thoughts on that?


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