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I am so in love with Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection. So the next few tutorials I will be using it, because I have yet to use any other makeup since I got it. Hehe. It really is a fantastic pallet, if you are looking for a great natural colored pallet. Many people like having some more “pop” of colors in theirs and I understand that. For me, personally, I like more natural colors; browns and earthy tones are what I typically wear. You can have a wide range of looks from those. Everything from light nude looks to dark smokey eyes. While this pallet has some pops, they are still in the earthy range.


Today’s look will be quite simple using only this pallet (at least on the eyes). It will be a matte light look, very natural. We will only be using four colors: White Chocolate, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, and Milk Chocolate.

MakeUp Needed:

Step 1-
Apply White Chocolate all over eyelid, from lash line to eyebrow

Step 2-
Apply Semi-Sweet to the outer third of your eye, from Lash line to crease.

Step 3-
Also apply Semi-Sweet under your eye, from your outer corner in about a third.

Step 4-
Apply Strawberry Bon-Bon in the middle of your eyelid, from lash line to crease. You are going to want to overlap the colors Semi-Sweet and Strawberry Bon-Bon a little so they are blended well and there is no line from the two colors.

Step 5-
Apply Milk Chocolate into your crease and slightly above it.

Step 6-
Apply your foundation in a stippling motion under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin, and on your forehead. Then blend in with large circular motions.

Step 7-
Apply Bobbi Brown blush to your cheek bones, very lightly. Then blend in circular motions.

Step 8-
Apply lipstick to your lips.

Step 9-
Last and final step, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.

Super easy look, using very minimal product and giving you a fresh looking face. Has anyone else tried this pallet? What are your thoughts or favorite colors to put together?



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