Chocolate Bar In Depth


I just realized that, I had an intro to this pallet and a tutorial on it, but I never actually listed the colors or done any actual review on it. No idea how that happened. I guess in all my excited it just slipped my mind. That is how much I am loving this pallet!! Well no fear, I caught my mistake and here is my full review on all the colors/shades/and textures of this fantastic makeup.



Starting on the top left corner, moving across the right top row, then going down to the middle far left color, moving across the middle row, then finishing up on the bottom left and moving across the bottom row. Make sense? Okay lets go……

  1. Gilded Ganache– A dark shimmery green-brown.
  2. White Chocolate– A matte white. This is my most used color, I use it as a base color to every look I do with this pallet. Even though it is a matte light color, it covers all the little veins on my eyelid creating a nice blank canvas.
  3. Milk Chocolate– A matte light brown.
  4. Black Forest Truffle– A dark shimmer reddish-brown.
  5. Triple Fudge– A very dark matte brown.
  6. Salted Caramel– A medium orange brown. While at first, I did not think that I was going to love this color, it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
  7. Marzipan– A shimmery light brown, with a hint of pink. This looks great with Salted Caramel.
  8. Semi-Sweet– A matte medium brown.
  9. Strawberry Bon-Bon– A matte light pink. This was another color that I thought that I was not going to like, but turns out I really love it. It works well with ALL of the colors in the pallet.
  10. Candied Violet– This is a glittery purplish shade. Not one of my favorites, and it has the most fallout of the lot, but it is a really pretty shade. It gives the browns a nice little subtle color.
  11. Amaretto– A dark shimmery burgundy brown.
  12. Hazelnut– A medium shimmery brown.
  13. Creme-Brulee– A light shimmery golden brown. This colors looks amazing over anything, and with all the shades in the pallet.
  14. Haute Chocolate– A dark shimmery brown.
  15. Cherry Cordial– A dark shimmery red.
  16. Champagne Truffle– A light shimmery white with a tinge of pink.

As you can see there is a huge range of colors and textures to work with. The possibilities are endless. All of the colors are so creamy, and they are so easy to blend. I am not sure if the cocoa powder in them melts with your body heat or what, but they seem to melt into a perfect consistency making them a dream to work with. And lets not forget the amazing chocolate smell that you get with this shadow. Even after using it everyday, I still LOVE that smell. If you only get one new pallet this year, I would HIGHLY recommend this one.

What are you thoughts on this pallet? Did I miss anything important?




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